You’re READY for this…

You are MADE for this sh***

In all the talks we’ve done with Halers in the last few months, one thing stood out.

When things gets tough, YOU get tougher.

Seriously, go check them out again

  • David passed out in his first class, then came back 3 days later
  • Sarah re-wrote the story of her life through training
  • Dee and Cecilia never let busy schedules, kids, or life stop them from getting after it

You are some of the strongest and most mentally tough people in your community.

If there’s a burning building, you’re the people running INTO it.

Right now, your community needs you at your very best.

They need your energy, calm, and fearlessness.

While they’re out there checking the news every 5 mins and hoarding toilet paper…you’re calm, collected, and telling them it’s going to be ok.

And if someone needs food, healthcare, or financial support, you’re going to be the first ones in line to do it…

That who you ARE.

You’ve worked hard day after day to develop and cultivate that grit and fortitude.

Our job as coaches at Hale is to make sure you have everything you need to continue being badasses.

One of those things is training.

You need to move, you need to get stronger, you NEED TO SWEAT.

This week, we’re offering you even more chances to do that.

Online classes

For your online classes, we’ve got –

  • 6:30am CrossFit on MWF
  • 9:30am Metcon Mon-Fri
  • 3:30pm Teens Mon-Fri
  • 5:30pm CrossFit Mon-Fri
  • 6:30pm Yoga on Tues
  • 6:30pm Mobility on Thurs
  • 9:30am CrossFit Sat/Sun

You can find the full schedule, and all the links on our new Hale at Home webpage –

All classes are live and taught by one of your favorite Hale coaches, and all can be done with a pair of dumbbells or objects you can find around your home.

You do not need access to FB to get to these classes.

Personal programming

If you have specific needs, equipment, injuries, or goals, we have personal programming just for you.

If you’re interested, reply and let me know and I will assign a coach who will reach out and give you need to stay healthy and happy.

Additional support

Do you need nutrition help? Stress relief, toilet paper? Reply and let me know. We are here to support your health and happiness in any way we can.


Thank you for your ongoing support. Your suggestions, attendance, and words of encouragement have made all the difference in continuing to allow us to do all we can to help.

We appreciate you.

Coach “stronger together” Jay

PS – We won’t be publishing the workouts for the week this week on the blog, but you can find them all by downloading the SugarWod app on your phone and searching for Crossfit Hale.

PPS – The full schedule of classes, plus all the replays are located on our Hale at Home page –

PPPS – You can access the community and ask questions + share info by going to our private Facebook group here –

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