Meet Lilly

 Growing up I was never one to want to exercise or do any sports or anything like that. I lillyface-200x300started to gain a lot of weight at a very early age and my parents really pushed hard for me to get active and find something I enjoyed. In high school I played a little bit of soccer but I didn’t really like it and to be completely honest I wasn’t very good at it. After high school my weight went up a lot and I decided enough was enough and I joined 24 hour fitness! But I only went once a month. Finally my sister started taking me along with her. I dreaded having to go everyday, I remember every day at 5 pm I hoped that my sister would say that she didn’t want to go to the gym. But it never really happened. I HATED going to the gym. I was afraid of the weight room and would only go to use the treadmill and elliptical and never saw the results that I wanted.

I had heard about Crossfit but everyone always told me it would be too intense for me or that I would get hurt. But I always wanted to try it.

One day I came across this video on instagram of Emily Schromm snatching and doing amazing things with the barbell. I stalked her profile for about an hour and saw that she could do pull-ups, handstand walk, ring dips and all sorts of amazing movements I had never heard of before. She was and is such a badass and I wanted to be just like her ! That’s when I knew I had to try it ! For months I begged my sister to come with me to a Crossfit gym and she finally agreed.

In February 2014 my sister and I walked through the doors of Crossfit Hale and I was TERRIFIED ! I was so nervous ! We walked in and saw people do pull ups and wall balls and my first thought was “I’ll never be able to do that !”.

We met Jay and he was so friendly and immediately helped us, we had our first crossfit workout that night and I couldn’t believe how tired and out of shape I was. That work out seriously kicked my butt !

I was hooked !! I knew I had  finally found something that I loved and would actually stick with. I signed up immediately and could not wait to come back.

I got my very first pull up EVER in my life the first month at Crossfit Hale. Everyday I learned something new, and with time I started to see myself as an athlete for the first time ever in my life.


Crossfit helped me so much in my life that I wanted to share and help others feel the same way that I felt. I wanted to help people learn and see what they are really capable of.

In October 2015 I got an amazing opportunity and started coaching at Crossfit Hale ! I quit my old job and everyday I get to do what I love and help our athletes reach their goals. I am so thankful to be working at a place filled with such an amazing group of people and I still can’t believe that I get to call this my job !


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