Ken lost weight and got stronger at CrossFit Hale in El Cerrito, CA
Ken got better results than training at home
Ken used to do CrossFit at home on his own. When he joined us and found the benefits of community and quality coaching, he began to make progress faster with less injury.
Mike used CrossFit to get stronger and improve his performance
Mike got fitter, stronger, and faster
Mike had a lot of training experience. After a few months with us, he was stronger, faster, and leaner. Our community helped him set bigger goals, learn new skills, and develop as an athlete.
Kim lost weight after pregnancy in Richmond at CrossFit Hale
As a healthcare provider, Kim knew it was important to be healthy and active as a new mom. Since joining CrossFit Hale, she is stronger and faster now than she was pre-pregnancy. She achieved this by. . .
Candice started CrossFit Hale in El Cerrito - Richmond - Albany as a way to become an athlete
Candice found her inner athlete
Candice wasn't athletic when she started, and doctors told her she needed to get stronger. Learn how she lost 20 lbs and changed her idea of what she is capable of.
Nancy started CrossFit Hale at 62, and has lost weight and gotten fit.
Nancy is crushing her goals at 60
Nancy became an athlete in her 60's, and is now in better shape than she was at 30. She learned that fitness is about so much more than being physically fit.
David got stronger and lost weight in El Cerrito at CrossFit Hale
David lost 70lbs and changed his life
David lost 70lbs and that success influenced other key areas in his life. He went from being overweight and non-active to an athlete. His fitness has inspired him not to. . .
Our CrossFit team is the best in the East Bay
Learn More about CrossFit Hale
Our athletes come from all walks of life, in all shapes and ages. Our community will help you reach your goals. Learn how you can find your inner athlete!

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