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Every Day is Recovery Day!

Oh man, that first Hero workout this past week reminded my why I love/hate them.

I felt so accomplished. And then I felt SO SORE. These longer “perform” days can mean for bigger sets or a little more volume than normal, and a little extra soreness to boot.

My secret for being ready for them AND recovering from them?! Mobility EVERY DAY.

I know I have a few “hot spots” that I struggle with–one shoulder that doesn’t QUITE go all the way overhead… one hip that’s a little tighter… and I spend extra time on these things to make sure I’m prepped when it’s time to work out and I take the extra time to recover when I’m feeling beat.

BUT… there are 3 simple movements that address the vast majority of my body aches and pains.

  1. Couch stretch. Knee pain, back pain, hip pain… so much of this is because my quads (and yours too, most likely!) are tight AF from spending years at a desk, in a car, you name it. Stiff quads… stiff squats… stiff everything. And not in a good way.
  2. Pec/front of chest stretch, aka “kitchen sink stretch.” Texting and typing (adjusting posture RIGHT NOW, thank you!) mean we’re too tight up front and a bit weak behind the shoulders. This can lead to a host of shoulder and neck pain AND make it nearly impossible to hit some movements properly in the gym. (Muscle ups, I’m coming for you!).
  3. T Spine smash. Oh, the relief!! This will not only improve all of your overhead shapes, but also help you feel less hunched over. Aim for everything from your neck down to mid shoulder blade and show your spine some love!

All of these can be done with minimal equipment, and AT HOME. Try to fit these in first thing in the morning if you wake up feeling crunchy and sore, or before bed if you need to wind down.

Next time you’re microwaving your lunch at work or have a break at your desk, give the “kitchen sink” stretch a shot. SO GOOD!

Recovery and workout prep doesn’t have to be limited to your time at the gym. Give yourself 10 minutes a day to loosen up, feel better, and improve your performance in the gym!

See you soon,

Coach “smash all the things” Heidi


Next Guest Day: Saturday, May 4th at 8am and 9am

Yoga is on Sundays at 12:30pm.

Workouts for the Week:

Monday: TRAIN

“Wun-Dee 2019”

19 min AMRAP:
4 Deadlifts (225/155)
21 Wall Balls (20/14 to 10/9)
28 Double Unders
1-2-3-4-5-6-etc Strict DB Press (40/25 x 2)

# of DB press coincides with round # you’re finishing.

Deadlift: (315/225)
Strict HSPU for press

I’ll give you ONE guess who turned 28 yesterday!! This is a training day. Goal is to work some heavy DLs and still hold it together for the strict press and HSPU. You’ll spend the majority of warm up working up to your deadlift weight and greasing the groove of lifting heavy.

Take a minute to wish Coach Wendy “Happy Birthday” and thank her for inspiring this workout.

Tuesday: TRAIN

10 rounds, starting every 2 mins:
3 Muscle Ups
7 Burpees
50m run

Today is a skill day. Sure, there are a few burpees and some running, but these are PURELY for you to work on these under a little metabolic stress. Pick a scaling on muscle ups that will be challenging for 3 reps of ONE of the following:

FULL: Muscle Up/Bar Muscle Up (even scale to one if you have ONE)
PUSH: push ups, ring push ups, ring dips
PULL: ring row (hard!), strict pull up

You should be finishing each round in just about a minute, MAYBE 1:10. If you need to scale back, scale back muscle ups or # of burpees until you can. Your score is fastest and slowest round.

Wednesday: RECOVER

A. 3 Rounds (10-15 mins)
10 Cuban Press (PVC)
10 Airplane stretch (front of chest)
Quadriped walk 20 steps/direction
50m KB upside down carry

Working on rotation/easy movement through shoulders and a little core stability.

B. 5 Rounds In Pairs:
3 Junkyard Dog/each
Wheelbarrow Walk (1x post to post, each)
20 Partner MB Russian Twists

Working a little agility and LOTS of core today. Rx will be wheel barrow. To scale up or down, plank shoulder taps or a spotted HS hold (20s or a few good attempts/each would be a good substitution).

If you’ve missed some days, you COULD push harder on this as modified solo version:
10 box jump overs
2 wall walks
20 med ball sit ups

C. Mobility:

3 min/side lateral hip smash
2 min/side low back smash

Explore! Breathe!

Thursday: TRAIN

A. 10 min EMOM:

2 Strict Press

Warm up to weight around 80-85% of your 1RM (or something that feels “hella heavy” but manageable) for 2 reps for multiple sets. You’ll do 10 sets of 2 on the minute. Stay tight and HOLD ON!

B. 10 min AMRAP:
7 KB Swings (53/35)
14 Sit Ups
21 Double Unders

Sit ups and swings will make you a bit tired for dubs. Try to keep these unbroken if possible, or use this as a chance to practice (30s attempts per round)! Scale to single unders if necessary, but just keep moving for the whole 10 minutes.

Friday: TRAIN


7 min EMOM:
5 Overhead Squats

5 min EMOM:
3 Snatch Balance

5 min EMOM:
2 Hang Squat Snatch


7 Rounds, every 90s

1 Squat Snatch

Your goal is either:
1. Get comfortable with the snatch and feel like you’re working hard with the empty BB, or
2. Work up to a heavy single squat snatch if you’re comfortable with the movement

We’ll do a WHOLE LOT of prep to get you warm for these squat snatch, so don’t go too crazy adding weight in the first EMOMs. Feel the RIGHT positions and get comfortable with the barbell.

Saturday: PERFORM


20 min AMRAP:
22 Air Squats
12 Toes to Bar
9 Burpees

Rx+: 20/14lb vest

This British Hero WOD is dedicated to Lance Corporal James Brynin.

In the early hours of 15 October 2013, the BRF deployed from Camp Bastion into the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand province to counter an imminent threat to both the Afghan population and the International Security Assistance Force. Toward the end of the operation they became the target of enemy fire. Together with a sniper and machine gunner of the BRF, Lance Corporal Brynin returned fire, but while extracting from the area he received a fatal gunshot wound.

This is a simple workout with ALL bodyweight movements. Aim to do the first few rounds unbroken and keep moving with small breaks after that. Give it everything you’ve got. If you don’t have T2B, sub laying toes to DB.


A. 3 Rounds:
40s on/20s off
Good Mornings/Hip Extensions
Side Plank Left
Side Plank Right
1-Leg KB Deadlift
Hot Lava

B. 15 min alt EMOM:
Cal Bike (12/8)
10 walking lunges w/slam ball
30s DB OH hold

Core-heavy warm up. For main set, grab a slam ball and play with positioning–hold it out front, overhead, on each shoulder, and lunge with it. Choose a DB weight you can hold overhead without breaking rib/spine position–this will be a big limiter for many.

In each minute, you should have 20-30s rest. If you need to scale up, go heavier and/or go harder on bike/row. Score is wt of DBs held OH

C. Mobility:
2 min/side hamstring smash (SuperNova/LAX ball on box)
3 mins/side quad KB smash
(contract & relax)

Your Program for Spring

Spring has sprung. The sun has returned and seems to be showing it’s face for more than a teaser day between storms. Yay!

The change of seasons feels like it’s bringing in a wave of new things. Flowers blooming. More daylight. More motivation (Maybe it’s just me? Or maybe not. Looks like Coach Cullen is making GAINZ lately) to get out of the house and do things.

It’s a great time to focus on your training in prep for what Summer has to come. Vacations. Hikes. Alcatraz Swim (September 21st… join me!). Really, all of your outdoor activities.

This week, you get a preview of what’s to come in the next 12 weeks. Coach Jay has put together another great video explaining the focus of this cycle and a few specific workouts to look forward to. Check it out!

Some highlights:

  • Guest Day every 1st Saturday
  • Outdoor/park/beach WODs every 3rd Saturday (typo in the video!)
  • Testing week May 13th-15th
  • Memorial Day Murph (tradition 5 years running)
  • Hero Challenge July 1st-4th

Training days (3-4/week):

  • 2x/week strength. One dynamic (oly lift, push press) and one more static or strict (back squat, bench press, deadlift); one upper body, one lower body in MOST weeks
  • 1-2 gymnastics skills/week (pistols, muscle ups, pull ups, etc)
  • Metcons skewed to the longer side with moderate weight, because…

Perform days (1-2/week):

  • Hero WOD or benchmark 1x/week or more
  • Hero WODs like Murph, Sakai, DG, LumberJack 20, Tommy V
  • These are often tests of mental toughness and stamina, though a few are short and spicy.
  • “Hero Challenge” leading into July 4th. 4 Hero WODs in 4 days. It’ll be fun!!

Recovery days (2/week):

  • Start with active warm up; roughly 15 minutes of good quality movement, accessory work (some single leg/arm work, or variations to help complement main lifts), and often, core work
  • Each day will aim to work on a specific body part that either needs some work BEFORE some upcoming workouts or needs recovery after a particularly brutal day. Hips, back, knees, shoulders…let’s get all your joints moving better!
  • You’ll still get sweaty: usually a 15-20 minute piece designed to be done at 50-60% effort but still get you breathing hard. No heavy lifting. If you’ve missed days in a week, there will be options to scale UP.
  • We’ll end with some programmed mobility. You’ll learn some more tricks to add to your existing practice!

In last week’s video, Coach Jay explained a bit more about the general format for our upcoming programming. Train. Perform. Recover. If you missed it, check it out here. 


Outdoor WOD at Albany Middle School/Cougar Field: Saturday 4/20 at 8am and 9am. Guests welcome!

Guest Day at Hale: Saturday May 4th: 8am and 9am

Workouts for the Week:


Sit Ups
200m run between rounds

MissFit: Strict OH press (30/20)

Training day: goal is to test your skill with the HSPU or strict press under fatigue. Your ability to keep HS together will be challenged by the midline work (sit ups) AND breathing hard (run). If HSPU feel great, do them unbroken. If you choose DB press, choose a HEAVY weight (you can do 5, but NOT 10). Spicy! (25 min cap)


10 rounds:
Max effort bike/row in 10-15s
2 front squat at 70-80% 1RM

Score = heaviest squat

Training day. Can you squat when you’re tired? Work up to a “sporty” weight in the warm up, then grab a machine and go. Aim to start each section on the top of the minute. For “max effort,” we are measuring max wattage and SPEED. Get to your top speed as soon as possible, and as soon as it drops off, you’re done. Add weight as you go and aim to hit 70-80% of your 1RM, or until it becomes challenging to hold your midline together.


AMRAP in 20 minutes
30 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
20 Push Press (115/75 lb)
30 Pull-Ups

MissFit: step ups, (75/55), ring rows

Performance day! This is our first Hero WOD of spring. Pick a weight/scaling you can do for at least 10 reps of each movement–you’ll have to break this one up early and often, so have a strategy to keep moving QUICKLY. If you have a few pull ups, but not a ton, you may treat this as a practice day, doing sets of 2-5 until you get to 30 each round. If you’re great at these movements, aim for 3-6 rounds. 

Oakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Mark Dunakin, and Officer John Hege. Daniel is survived by wife Jenni and daughter Jojiye.


A. 5 rounds:
10 lunge w/reach
15 cal row
20 hollow rocks

B. 18 min AMRAP:
10 DB step ups (left)
10 bent over row (left)
5 strict T2B
10 DB step ups (right)
10 bent over row (right)
5 strict T2B

MissFit: Sub laying Toes 2 DumbBell

C. 2 mins/side lat smash & deltoid smash
5 min gut smash

Recovery day: move smoothly and slowly through each of the EMOMS. Your goal is about 50% effort. Pick a weight that allows you to go unbroken on all movements. If this is a training day for you, go heavier on part B to challenge the step ups.


A. Power Clean:
3-3-2-2 (warm up)


B. Power Clean:

In each set of (7) SINGLE power cleans, you’ll be adding weight and working up to a heavy single, then working back DOWN. In part A, aim for SUPER HEAVY or go until you are unable to lift the weight. In part B, aim to hit 90-95% of this top weight, then work back to start.

Goal of today is to work on POSITIONS and accumulate good quality work at heavy weights.


Meet at Cougar Field/Albany Middle School track. Guests are welcome to join!

6 Rounds For Time
24 Air Squats
24 Push-Ups
24 Walking Lunges
400 meter Run

Pair up as needed to tackle this one. This one is great for endurance and stamina (hi, legs!).

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, Texas, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on June 24, 2010 in Jelewar, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife, First Sergeant Jennifer Loredo; his daughter, Laura Isabelle; his stepdaughter, Alexis; and his son, Eduardo Enrique.


A. 5 Rounds:
10s ring hold (top)
5s ring hold (bottom)
5 strict ring dips

(add band/ring push ups as needed)

B. 20 min AMRAP:
10 seated strict press (45/35)
10/side 1-arm KB swings
30 cal row

C. 2 mins/side low back smash
2 mins/side hip smash
2 mins/side hamstring smash

Recovery day. Working on some basic ring work, accessory work, and smashing. The row will make up the bulk of your time on the AMRAP. Find a way to breathe!

Train. Perform. Recover.

It’s Sunday. You’re looking at the workouts for the week ahead. You’re thinking about which days look fun, which days you want to avoid (go anyway!), and perhaps strategizing how you might approach each day.

Maybe you’re milling over which day you want to work on your pull ups or which days it makes sense to lift heavy, scale back, or expect that you might really go for it and try for a PR.

It’s a LOT to think about! With a proper workout program (that’s why you’re here, right?!) you’ll have the information and coaching to apply these words on a screen to what will get you the BEST results. Different days, different skills, and overall different types and feelings of workouts make training fun. But you don’t have to obsess. We do that for you. 🙂

By knowing your coaches’ intent on a workout, you can get the most out of your training day, week, month, and beyond. Take a workout like “Fran.”

Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

If you’ve done this one, you know how it’s *supposed* to go. If you’re not laying on the floor, tasting your lungs (ew) and writhing, you probably didn’t do it correctly. This is a legendary workout. You are meant to hit it with the highest intensity and “perform” on that day. HAM. All out. It SHOULD be the most miserable 5 minutes of your week.

What happens if we change the circumstances a little?

You’ll do the same workout, but:
-it takes you 15 minutes instead of 5, and you take a snack break half way through
-you don’t have pull ups, but you decide to “try” for your first one until the time cap (kind of like the Open)
-you have pull ups, but feel like taking it easy today so you scale back to PVC and easy ring rows

Different, right? You won’t leave the gym with the same feeling on any of these options. This is not WRONG, depending on how you’re feeling for the day (didn’t sleep, didn’t eat, etc), but it’s a different intent.

This workout can be so effective because the intent is clear. It’s clear that it’s time to go for it. It’s clear that this is your chance for glory. And pain.

Why wouldn’t you do this to yourself EVERY day? How do we set up our training program so you don’t have to think or worry about these things?

1. We don’t have INFINITE intensity. You can’t give your ALL… ALL OF THE TIME. You have to have some variety. If you went hard every day, you’d ultimately end up performing below your max capacity all the time. It’s not sustainable. You. Must. Recover.

2. This doesn’t allow you to work on skills that are outside of this performance arena. You want to hit Fran sub-4? Well, we need to work on your pull ups in an workout designed for skill development… not for competition.

3. Intensity and competition inherently push your limits. Mistakes happen at the limits of our capacity. This becomes risky if you do it all the time–especially when you’ve had a rough day, under-slept, or aren’t recovered from the last ass kicking workout.

Here’s great video by Coach Jay on the difference between training and performing, and WHY it matters. 

If you avoid PERFORMANCE workouts, you never see HOW HIGH you can jump. You never even get close to the limits of your capacity. You won’t get the full benefit of intensity in your training, AND the mental perks of pushing past whatever you thought you could do. You HAVE to get uncomfortable to make progress. Sometimes.

We will not be doing FRAN every week. No way. We will, however, have 1-2 workouts per week that are focused on PERFORMANCE. This is your chance to show what you’ve got. Put your hard work and skills practice to the test. Or, max out that lift.

That said, you’ll need to work on form BEFORE intensity and competition. if you can’t perform an air squat safely, to full depth, throwing down on a workout with heavy front squats isn’t going to improve your positions or strength. You’ll be a master in compensation. If you don’t yet have muscle ups… is it more helpful to flail and haphazardly try to throw yourself over the rings? Or work on a progression that legitimately and systematically gets you closer to your goal?

We must TRAIN to improve. That way, the next time we test, we can do better than the last time. We will have 3-4 of these days each week so that you can improve skills, build aerobic capacity, and have fun trying all the different movements. This is your chance to scale to a progression. This is your opportunity to move well and learn something you can apply later.

The difference between PERFORMANCE and TRAINING:
-Heaviest every squat versus something heavy-ish for today
-85%+ versus 70-85% perceived effort
-Selling the farm and “blowing up” to save 5 seconds on your time versus staying to your workout strategy to LEARN

Lastly, RECOVERY is oft neglected but SO important. Maybe it’s accessory work instead of a main lift. Maybe it’s some extra mobility. Maybe it’s a week off.

Either way, you need a plan.  ​When you’re “too sore” to train or “wrecked” from performance days, these will help you feel better, not worse. We’ll have 1-2 of these workouts each week.

We’re always tinkering and dabbling in new ideas with our training, and these concepts have really resonated with us. We’re taking the guess work out for YOU.

You’ll have a heads up as to which days are true PERFORM days versus TRAIN and RECOVER. As always, EVERY workout can be adjusted. If you need to throw down on recovery day because you’re fresh and rarin’ to go, let your coach know. If you need to back off of a training day, no worries.

Take care,


PS. We have a TIE for recipient of the donations from the Open. We will split the total proceeds between the Social Justice Sewing Academy and the Berkeley Food Network. Thank you for voting!


Enjoy your spring break! We’ll be happy to see everyone’s smiling faces when vacations are over! 🙂

Workouts For the Week:


For time:
1 mile run
5 rope climbs
800m run
4 rope climbs
400m run
3 rope climbs
200m run
2 rope climbs
100m run
1 rope climb

Rx+: legless

Long one! Pace out the runs so your splits improve as the distance decreases. If you have a rope climb, but maybe not 5, go for attempts or scale back # to 1-2 each round (total of 10).


A. For Load:
Strict Press:

Work up to a heavy single for today. Your last 3 should be heavy but not neccessarily to failure or 1RM.

B. 9 min AMRAP:
9 DB front squats (50/35)
7 burpees
5 DB shoulder to OH

Short, sweet, heavy-ish triplet. The DB S to OH are going to be the dog here, especially after burpees. STICK YOUR LANDING and keep control so the next reps feel… not horrible.


3 Rounds:
40s on/20s rest/transition
Crab walk (or rock back & forth… hips UP!)
Hang from bar–HOLLOW
Parallette pass throughs
Supinated grip BB inverted rows

Gymnastics/and active shoulder mobility here. Focus on opening your chest in the crab walk.

A. Skills and drills:
5 min position practice (2 benches/soft boxes)
5 min kick up practice

B. 15 min AMRAP:
50 single skips
30s handstand hold
50 single skips
15 sit ups

Practice, practice, practice. Try pulling a foot off the wall or going freestanding if you’re comfortable on the wall. Not about suffering or grinding through today–work on balance and composure!

C. Mobility!
2 mins/side scap + IR scrub
(hand up & behind mid back; use LAX ball to trace inside edge of scapula)2 mins/side trap/pec smash
(use LAX ball & pull up rig; smash into TOP of shoulder, working into neck & traps. EXPLORE!)


A. Back Squat:

Work up to heavyish weight in warm up; finish last 3 sets at roughly 80% of 1RM

B. 3 RFT:
10 strict pull ups
20 push ups
30 wall balls (20/14)

Scale to banded strict pull ups/HARD ring rows as needed

Metcon is a little sprint today. Push ups and wall balls should be unbroken to the best of your abilities. Don’t strategize here. See just HOW FAR you can push on the wall balls. You’ll get a little breather on the pull ups.


For time:
toes to bar
burpee box jump overs
calorie row

All bodyweight today, and ALL OUT pace. The toes to bar will make the box overs a challenge. Move quickly and smoothly. Aim for no more than 2 sets on T2B! Go!


In teams of 3:
3 Rounds for time:
10 sled push
15 tire flips
400m farmer’s carry (53/35)
50 cal bike

Work, rest, repeat. Lots of heavy loading today, but you should get quite a bit of rest between you & your teammates. Keep chipping away!


A. 3 Rounds: (15 mins)
100m jog
15/side single leg hamstring/glute bridge
10/side single leg KB deadlifts
10 monster walks (each direction)

B. Tabata:
20s on/10s off for 8 rounds:
A. Bottom to Bottom Squats
B. Mountain Climbers
C. Side Shuffle
D. Alt: Hollow & Arch Hold

C. Mobility
2 mins/side calf BONE SAW

3 mins/side Monkey Bars o’ Death
(explore hamstrings & adductors)

Decision Time

The Hale Open was another close race this year, and it all came down to 19.5 and your LOGGING in SugarWOD. I knew your quads were sore, but what happened to your thumbs?! If you did the workout and failed to log, you should still go do that now. I hope/pray and am ready to throw a full scale tantrum if we see 19.5 another time, but you should be proud of your effort either way.

Final scores:
Early Birds: 245
Night Owls: 243

Bragging rights belong to the Early Birds on this one, but I’m opening up voting to ALL of you. Along the way, I hope you learn a bit more about what your peers are up to and are given an opportunity to be involved if you choose to.

Lots of our Halers have awesome side projects and are involved with some pretty powerful organizations. Please check the bulletin board by the bathrooms for full information on how to donate (time or money) and other key notes.

If you’ve already made your choice, please head over to the survey and cast your vote.

If you haven’t yet, here is a quick rundown. Please get your vote in before WEDNESDAY, April 3rd.

Berkeley Food Network (Sarah Palmer DeFrank)

Mission: To help establish a foundation of good health from which all Berkeley residents can pursue opportunity, the Berkeley Food Network aims to provide an innovative, community-centered network of food sourcing and distribution to alleviate the problems of hunger and poor nutrition in Berkeley.

Social Justice Sewing Academy (Nancy Williams)

Founded in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges artistic expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Through a series of hands-on workshops in schools, prisons and community centers across the country, SJSA empowers youth to use textile art as a vehicle for personal transformation and community cohesion and become agents of social change.

AIDS/LifeCycle (Ron Lenker)

Side note, a handful of our members have done and supported the ride from SF to LA.

By being a part of AIDS/LifeCycle, you will help us work towards the following:

  1. Fund the work of San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center to provide free HIV/AIDS medical care, testing, and prevention services.
  2. Raise awareness to end the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.
  3. Provide a positive, life affirming experience for people affected by HIV/AIDS.
  4. Grow our community of activists, volunteers, and ambassadors fighting to end AIDS.
  5. Honor those who have passed from AIDS-related causes.

Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation (Rev. Coach Katie Norris)

Mission: The Carolyn L. Farrell Foundation was co-founded by father and daughter Dr. Charles Farrell and Rev. Katie Norris. Carolyn Farrell, Dr. Charlie’s wife and Katie’s mother, was affected by Lewy Body dementia.

We came to know the stigma attached to dementia and so we also work hard through advocacy and education to help end this concern. We hope for a world where everyone is welcome in our communities, even if they do not act or think in ways that society sees as “normal.” We want to help end the fear and bring about compassion.

Project: Peace (Beth Thomsen) 

Mission: Project Peace creates and deepens partnerships between local churches and nonprofits in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas to work together for just and sustainable communities.

Volunteers choose a local community site and contribute “sweat equity” – working with their hands, heart, and sweat – to meet the site’s needs for three hours on a Saturday from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM. The Day of Service is offered quarterly.

Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) works to replace the use of hazardous pesticides in agriculture with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives. PAN partners with directly impacted communities (farmworkers, family farmers, rural communities and consumers) to end pesticide reliance and achieve health, resilience and justice in food and farming.

Thanks for your input!

Coach Heidi


Schedule Change:

The last 6pm class was Thursday, March 28th. Thank you for your flexibility in attending either 5:30pm or 6:30pm classes. We are looking forward to offering more specialty courses during this time slot

Guest Day:

Saturday, April 6th: 8am and 9am. All levels welcome!

Workouts for the Week:


A. Skill Practice:
5 min EMOM:
Strict Push
(push ups, ring push ups, ring dips)

5 min EMOM:
Strict Pull
(hard ring rows, false grip ring rows, false grip ring pull ups)

5 min EMOM:
Muscle up transition practice
(rings set to toes on ground in bottom of dip)
Kip swing practice

B. 18 min AMRAP:
2 muscle ups
10 burpees
200m run

Scale to something challenging but FUN to practice.

Sub 5 pull OR 5 push for 2 muscle ups, but a tough scaling (i.e. 5 strict banded pull ups OR 5 ring push ups or ring dips). This is a chance to work on highly skilled gymnastics movements or progressions to get you closer to them!


A. *5 min EMOM:
2 power cleans
2 front squats
2 squat cleans

*5 min EMOM:
1 strict press
1 push press
1 split jerk EACH side

* light weight–something you can strict press; add weight as you choose, but know that this is JUST to get hot & sweaty

7 min EMOM:
1 squat clean
1 shoulder to OH
1 front squat
1 shoulder to OH

*Grease the groove! Add weight to something moderate here, but “keep it cute” as coach Wendy would say. You may use ANY S to OH variation you choose.

B. 15 mins to work up to a heavy complex:
1 squat clean
1 S to OH
1 front squat
1 S to OH

Move quickly but stay tight. That second shoulder to overhead is going to be tricky! Consider starting to split jerk for one or both reps early in your warm up. You may also choose to perform the squat clean into a thruster (aka a “cluster”). Play with it in the warm up. Have fun!


5 rounds for time of:
• 400m run
• 30 Box Jumps 24/20″
• 30 Wall Balls


Classic CF benchmark today. This one is a test and a day to throw down and see how well you can perform. Minimize your rest by using a solid cadence on box jumps and a good strategy to minimize rest on wall balls. Pick a weight you can do at least 30 wall balls with when FRESH.


A. In Pairs… one rows, other starts on AMRAP:

7 mins for max distance:

NOSE ONLY breathing. That means nose in, nose out.

Find a sustainable pace and play with pushing up to your threshhold.

While buddy rows, AMRAP:
50m 1-arm OH carry (35/25# DB)
5/side T Push Ups
5/side cossack squats

Then, switch.

B. 15 min AMRAP:
50ft bear crawl
50ft walking lunges
10 burpee pull ups

MissFit: Burpee to 6″ target

Recovery day today. I’m 100% serious about nose breathing. You might be shocked how quickly you revert to breathing through your mouth. Ideally, you’re playing with the threshold of where you start to want to gasp. Be mindful and focus. Lots of active mobility today, AND we’ll throw some smashing in at the end.


A. 3 Rounds:
250m row
10 KB swings (American, all the way OH!)
10 hollow rocks

3 Rounds:
10 banded pull aparts
10 banded pull to pockets
10 jefferson curls

6 min EMOM:
Work up to moderately heavy 3 deadlifts. Start at 0.

B. Deadlift 3RM (6 sets to work your way up)

C. 5 Min EMOM
5 Strict T2B w/slow lower

Sub straight leg lift for T2B. CONTROL THE WAY DOWN. Goal is to stay HOLLOW, even at the bottom.

Lots of prep and a fun gymnastics finisher today. The main event is a heavy 3RM deadlift. It’s been a while. HELLO, OLD FRIEND! I’ve missed you so! Go for it today!

Saturday–Guest Day 8am and 9am

25 min AMRAP (in pairs)
400m run (together)
50 squats
40 DB ground to OH
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 pull ups

Run together and split reps as needed. Come up with a secret handshake. 20 bonus rad points for any athletes that show up in coordinated buddy outfits.


A. 12 min AMRAP:
100m 1-arm farmer’s carry (35/26)
7/side lateral step ups
30s/side single leg balance (eyes closed if too easy!)

B. 20 min alt EMOM:
40s Bike (60/55 RPM; 6 or 7/10 effort)
3/side KB clean (35/26)
30s Left Side Plank (forearm)
30s Right Side Plank

Today will be a sweaty one–abs and a little targeted bike work, with a quick little bit of KB skill. Take bike up a notch if you feel like you want to give more. Suggested RPMs should let you maintain speed for entire 40s and not feel WRECKED afterward.






Beyond the Open

Oh what a way to wrap up the open–dang. We knew thrusters were coming. It was 100% certain, but wow. If anything, that SUPERGODZILLAFRAN was the best test of mental toughness I’ve seen in a while.

With that out of the way, what’s next? What are you training for?

One thing that may have surfaced is your desire to improve at gymnastics (HSPU and C2B and BMU and all of the things). Good news, Cullen and Wendy have that coming for you, starting this week.

A few of us are dabbling in a few other events. Interested in swimming Alcatraz in late summer? I’m looking to put together a crew. Let me know!

If you DON’T have a current focus, not to worry. We’ll spend the next week focusing on recovering our bodies (and minds, and souls) from SUPERGODZILLAFRAN, aka 19.5, and start fresh at chipping away. Getting after those skills that were highlighted. Dabbling in some more strength work.

Cheers to you, my friend, for pushing through these 5 tough tests. I’ll be tallying up the scores early this week to see which team gets to decide where we donate the proceeds of the Open.  More to come.

Congrats! You did it!

Coach Heidi


Wendy & Cullen’s Gymnastics Course:

Beginner: get your first strict pull up, rope climb, handstand, and practice basic skills
Tuesdays: 6:30-7:30; 3/26-4/16

Advanced: improve your efficiency in the kip and work on C2B, HSPU, and muscle ups
Thursdays: 6:30-7:30; 3/28-4/18

Guest Day:

Saturday, April 6th: 8am and 9am. All levels welcome!


Workouts for the week:


A. Snatch Prep:
5 Rounds:
100m run
10 front squats (45/35)
10 strict press (45/35)

5 min EMOM:
5 Overhead Squats

5 min EMOM:
Snatch Balance

B. 10 min EMOM: Snatch Complex
1 high hang squat snatch
1 hang squat snatch
1 full squat snatch

ALLLLLLL sorts of warm up to get your creaky joints primed and ready for the snatch. Expect a good, sweaty warm up and lots of skill focus to get you to drop under that bar. Work up to something sporty but not sloppy today.

The high hang position is a big test of how well you generate power and force; you’ll get more momentum with each subsequent lift, but really DRIVE on this one.


A. 400m run for time

(at 4 mins, start)
6 rounds: 2 mins on, 2 mins off
250m row
10 burpees
max slam balls in remaining time

(at 28 mins, start)
C. 300m run for time

Lots of cardio and midline today–with built in intervals, you should be able to push intensity. DO NOT slack and try to preserve yourself for the last run. This is a last “cash out” kind of effort. Aim for an aggressive pace (but not ALL OUT) on the first 400m and just try to beat it. This all tests your ability to generate speed OVER TIME and under fatigue.


A. Prep: 5 rounds:
1 TGU/side (35/26)
5 step ups/side (30/24)
10 scapular pull ups

B. Sandbag Slog
20 min AMRAP:
10 sandbag cleans
20 double unders
30/20 cal row/bike

MissFit sub heavy rope single unders

C. 15 mins: Recovery & Mobility

This is an active recovery day–the sandbag w/cardio combo should be a steady pace versus an all out effort. Expect some time at the end of class working on your quads and hips.


20 min AMRAP:
5 strict pull ups
15 back squats (45/35)

5 Strict RR
10 DB press
15 air squats

A higher skilled, strength-ier version of a gymnastic favorite. Whereas a round of CINDY is perhaps a minute or less when fresh, expect :90s-2:00 pacing here. This is a great way to accumulate good strength and gymnastic position work and still breathe hard. Scale back pull ups to something you can do in 1-2 sets when fresh. Know that you’ll need more rest as you go.


A. Bench press for load: 5-5-3-3-1-1

B. 3 RFT:
200m DB Farmer’s Carry (40/25)
15 DB Power Cleans
200m MB carry (20/14)
15 MB cleans

Just doing work today. Get some heavy sets in on bench, then grind through some grip work and odd object carry.


“Filthy 50”
50 box jumps (24/20)
50 jumping pull ups
50 KBS (53/35)
50 walking lunges
50 knees to elbows
50 push press (45/35)
50 back extensions
50 wall balls (20/14)
50 burpees
50 double unders

Ohhhh the classic ol’ chipper! This one is one of my favorites–LIGHT weight and big sets are the jam for the weighted movements. For gymnastics, minimize your rest time and get back on it. Oh, and it’s DEFINITELY knees to ELBOWS, not knees to upper arms. 🙂


A. 3 Rounds:
2 min bike
2 min jumping squats
2 mins V ups

Sit Ups

B. 12 mins:
4 mins bully stretch
8 min T Spine mobility

Some recovery cardio! DO NOT go all out on the bike. Aim for a steady, sustainable pace (I like to shoot for 60RPM or so). Jumping squats will up your heart rate, and you’ll be extra tired after V ups. TAKE YOUR TIME and focus. This should be about 60% effort. Push harder only if you missed some days this week. Mobility is built in again today.


Sometimes You Have to Try

We’re off to the Spartan Sprint today. Some of us prepped. Some didn’t. Some said “it’ll be fun either way, let’s try it!”.

What we KNOW:

Many of our workouts are more mentally tough (MURPH) than this course.
We might not be able to do some of the obstacles (spear throw FAIL!)
We’ll have about 20 friends to help if we get stuck

What we DON’T know:

How high the walls are
WHAT obstacles will trip us up (extra long rope?? things to hang from?)
Weather, traffic, so many things….

But… we’re all in. All of the 25 or so Halers that signed up and prepared via Mae’s class or regular training. It’ll be fun. Maybe we’re ready for EVERYTHING they throw at us. And maybe we aren’t. But, we know we’ll try it either way. We know some of the obstacles will be too easy. And we know we have hugs and high fives waiting at the finish line.

It’ll be a fun field trip and training day, and in fact it’s not much different from regular ol’ class. Except we don’t usually have a celebratory beer at 6:45am. The “finish line” is always a celebration… whether it’s a Spartan Race, “DT”, or just starting your Monday off in a good head space.

Cheers to all of you in the race AND all of you that just show up. Cheers to doing difficult things on purpose. And for fun.

With love,




Coaches Wendy and Cullen will be running two 4-week gymnastics skills sessions.

Check out the video here.

The beginning series will cover getting your first strict pull up, handstand, rope climb, and other basic skills. You’ll meet on Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, from 3/26-4/16.

The advanced series will cover proficiency in the kip, chest to bar pull ups, handstand push ups, and muscle ups. You’ll meet on Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, from 3/28-4/18.

Sign up sheet is at the front white board, and space is limited.

Workouts for the week:


For time:
100 Single-unders
25 Woman-Makers* (40/25 lb.)
100 Single-unders
50 KB Swings (24/16 kg)
100 Single-unders

*plank, push up, row (each side), burpee to double OH snatch

80 Single-under
16 Woman-Makers
40 KB Swings

Single unders!!! Oh, what fun!! No, seriously though… Some of you may struggle with coordination here. Enjoy it. The woman makers + KB swings will be an extra-fun dose of cardio.


15 min AMRAP:
21 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
7 Hang Power Snatches (135/95 lb.)
5 Chest to bar pull ups

Rx+: BMU

Hang Power Snatches (75/55)
Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Pick one skill, and work on it. Either snatch or gymnastics. This one is on the heavy/difficult side. If hitting 7 of the snatch + the chest to bar is not difficult, scale up. Go unbroken on wall balls and practice the other ones under fatigue.


A. 800m run for time

GET IT! This is your priority today. Not a warm up. Go hard.

B. 4 Rounds:
30 sec. on/30 sec. off
L-sit hang/hold
Parallette Pass-Throughs
Good Mornings (45/35)
Superman Hold

Knee Tuck Hold

Herro, abs! This one is all midline and booty. Butt tight, belly tight.


A: Back Squat: 5×3

B: As many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

Run 200m
10 goblet squats (10 lb plate)
10 ring rows (or pull ups)
10 push ups

We haven’t done this in a while. It’s not a ton of volume, but it’s a good day to lift heavy and remember what it’s like. Aim for 5 challenging sets–working up as it feels right. None of these 5 should feel like a warm up. For part b, we will warm up quickly and GO! It’s light and simple. You should be able to MOVE through this one with speed and without stopping.

Friday: Open 19.5

DUNNO what it’ll hold! I’d guess thrusters will be in there. If that happens, tomorrow WILL change.


In pairs, for time
16 rounds (8 each)
8 Shuttle Runs (post to post = 1)
8 Heavy Ball Toss (80/50 lb.)
8 Burpees

One partner completes full round before switching


15min AMRAP:
80 Double Unders
60 Sit ups
40 Ring Rows
20 Push Ups



Fun Facts

First things first:

Scores have been tallied and hanging photos counted. Shout out to Lorie and Sarah for most interesting pets!

Early birds: 121
Night Owls: 123

It’s a close one! Social media challenge this week is “overhead.” Find a non-gym object (kids are great for this one) and put it overhead like you would regularly press a barbell or dumbbell.  Remember to hashtag your team: #haleearlybirds or #halenightowls.

Have you ever been in a large group where the leader starts your class, meeting, session with “What’s one fun fact most people don’t know about you?”

If it’s a meeting of folks I don’t know (and maybe won’t have to interact with regularly), I usually play along, but I don’t always enjoy it. I recall people audibly groaning at this one.

BUT, if it’s a group of people I see often or have gotten to know fairly well (you), I LOVE these things. I love that the little points of connection start conversations between you. I love that if I need an expert in brining olives or quilting, I have someone to ask.

Most of all, I love connecting on a deeper level than chatting about the weather or your sore muscles. I love finding out what LIGHTS YOU UP.

So, what’s one thing I may not know about you? Tell me more!

Need an example? Hit up our YouTube Channel later this week to see some fun ones from your coaches!

See you soon,

Coach “Fun Facts” Heidi



Coaches Wendy and Cullen will be running two 4-week gymnastics skills sessions.

Check out the video here.

The beginning series will cover getting your first strict pull up, handstand, rope climb, and other basic skills. You’ll meet on Tuesdays from 5-6pm from 3/26-4/16.

The advanced series will cover proficiency in the kip, chest to bar pull ups, handstand push ups, and muscle ups. You’ll meet on Thursdays from 5-6pm from 3/28-4/18.

Sign up sheet is at the front white board, and space is limited.

Workouts for the Week:


5 Rounds for Time:
5 Deadlifts (275/185 lb.)
30 sec. Barbell Hold at top of Deadlift
12 Burpee Over the Bar
15 KB Goblet Squats (53/35)

Deadlifts (135/95)
KB Goblet Squats (35/26)

Heavy barbell work today. The static hold will give your midline and nervous system a LOT of time under tension, so make sure to get tight and plan a second lunch. If grip becomes an issue, hit 4 deadlifts, rest, then pick up for the hold. DL weight should be NO MORE than 70% of your 1RM!

Move quickly through the lateral burpees over bar, and BREATHE as best as you can on the squats. 


A. Split Jerk

B. 10 min EMOM:
5 Strict Pull-ups (scale down number as needed)
5 Strict HSPU

Banded Pull – Ups
SUPER strict Push Ups

Split jerk SKILL today, with an overhead finisher. Split jerk is a great way to drop under heavy load (and requires a bit less crazy mobility, than, say, a squat jerk or deep push jerk). Today is really about coordination–jump, drop, and land in your best receiving position. 


10 Rounds, every 90s:
12 MB Weighted Sit Ups (20/14)
12 Alt. MB Reverse Lunges (20/14 lb., 6 each leg)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)

Medicine Ball (14/10)
Box Jumps (20″/16″)

At least it’s not with a dumbbell!! Moving with odd, awkward objects (like lunging with a med ball) is a good way to build balance for FUN activities OUTSIDE of the gym. 90s will feel like a QUICK interval, and if you move slowly, you won’t have much rest! Find an 80% pace to start and stick with it or build if you have gas in the tank closer to the end. 


For Time
800m Run
20 OH Squats (95/65)
1km Row
20 Power Snatches
40/30 Cal. Assault Bike
20 Hang Power Cleans

OH Squats (55/45)
Power Snatch (55/45)

Simple, but demanding barbell movements. Heavy breathing off of the run will make the squats a challenge, but you should get through them in 1-2 sets (ideally unbroken). The row will make the pulling movements tougher, so plan accordingly.

Today is about stamina and endurance.

*Friday: Open 19.4


Note: weekend workouts are subject to change. We will likely see pull ups in the Open workout, and if so, I will be updating these.

Saturday will be a shake out of whatever body part feels most abused from the open OR a solid team workout. Sunday will like be on the shorter side (10 mins, but intense) to get you some bang for your buck.

16 min AMRAP, in pairs:
50 Double-unders
10 SDHP (115/75 lb.)

KB SDHP (35/26)


For time:
DB Thrusters (55/35 lb.)
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

DB Thrusters (30/20)
Inverted Rows


How We Gather

Short one today. 

The Open always reminds me how much I truly appreciate our community. You show up every day and put yourself into some fun, but often VERY uncomfortable situations.

Like Open 19.2 and those of you that played the “I want to get past 8 minutes, but I really DON’T want to get past 8 minutes” game.

Workouts and decisions and strategizing and support all combine to help you grow, mentally and physically, in the most uncomfortable but supported space I can imagine. Where am I going with this?

A while back, some Harvard Divinity School students published a study on How We Gather. They wanted to know: outside of church and religious organizations, which groups and activities bring people together and have a positive impact on their lives?

I read this one many moons ago and still come back to it occasionally. With the internet, cell phones, and general convenience changing the way we relate to one another, the gym can be a powerful place for us all to connect.

Give it a look: How We Gather

Make it a great week!

Coach Heidi


Lululemon Shop Night: Tuesday, 3/5, 6:30-8:30

Join your fellow Halers and the crew of Lulu educators to find the right gear for you. We’ll have free reign of the place after they close the doors to the public at 7pm.

All are welcome–friends and family included. Their knowledgeable staff will be on hand to find you the best fit and style, from bra fitting to pants that don’t fall down.

Oh! And we’ll have snacks 🙂

Hale Open–Fridays from 2/22-3/22

Two down, 3 to go! Current score:

Night Owls 71 – Early Birds 68

Be sure to log your score in SugarWOD before 5pm on MONDAY.

Social media challenge for the week (due FRIDAY):

Post to Instagram or Facebook with a photo of yourself (NOT in the gym) HANGING. Bonus point for including a kid or pet! Because, well, they’re cute!

YOU MUST tag #haleearlybirds or #halenightowls to receive credit!

Spartan Race – Mar 17 @ 8am at Diablo Grande (San Jose)

Get outside and test your skills at the Spartan Sprint race in San Jose with us!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race (3 miles) with a bunch of obstacles like rope climbs, wall climbs, atlas stones, etc that test a lot more than just your ability to run.

The Groupon is still up and running for $79!

Workout of the Day:


3 Rounds (for total time)
500-m Row
20 Burpees
Rest 2 min.

WOOOO! This is a cardio burner for sure. With only 3 rounds and SOME recovery, aim to go hard, but steady on the burpees. By the last 5 or so reps, you should feel like you really have to push to keep pace. This is also a great opportunity to learn more about your own pacing on the 500m row mid-workout. Play with timing, stroke rate, etc, to find what leaves you with the most gas for the burpees. 


20 min AMRAP
Run 200 m
15 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)
15 Box Jumps (24/20 in.)
Run 200 m
15 Box Jumps
15 Wall Balls (20/14 lb.)

This is a take on a classic CF workout, Kelly. The wall balls and box jumps can be a fun combo, as both require power and hip drive to execute. Aim to keep runs steady and 75%; steady cadence on box jumps; unbroken wall balls as long as possible!


A. 5 x 3 Squat Clean
Add weight as you go

B. 10 min EMOM:
Clean Complex
1 High Hang Squat Clean
1 Mid-Thigh
1 Full

We’ll start with 5 sets of 3 squat cleans. These are NOT meant to be touch and go, but instead, heavy-ish (by the end) singles from the ground. Focus on a great set up each time. This will get you (and your nervous system) primed. 

This complex is similar to what we did with the snatch last week–goal is to feel the same movement and positions from the high hang, thigh, and bottom. You will have less momentum when you start higher, but it’s a GREAT way to test your form and see if your lifting changes as you go from hang and ground (it shouldn’t!) AND as you get tired!


5 Rounds for Time:
10 OH Walking Plate Lunges (35/25 lb.)
30 sec. Plate Squat Hold
10 Plate Thrusters

You’ll be spending a lot of time overhead today, and the plate can be a fun challenge. Work hard to stabilize–lock your triceps and keep your ribs down! This one will be a mobility challenge for some, and a simple burner, either way. This one shouldn’t wreck you–we’re waiting on Open 19.3!

Friday + Weekend: Open 19.3 & TBD

Open 19.3 will be announced Thurday at 5pm. Check the CF Games site for more info.

Simply…. Terrifying

Open workout 19.1 is done and dusted. Looking back, it was a totally approachable combo. Reasonable weight. Movements that EVERYONE can do. That might make it… worse?

For those of you that have done the Open before, there are likely more horrifying moments that pop to mind. For those of you taking this on as your FIRST Open workout, you survived! It wasn’t so bad, right? There will be more fun to come. Not to worry.

All that said, the anticipation always seems worse than the workout itself. I have from Thursday at 5pm to think of strategies… visualize where I’m going to fall apart (or, you know, strategically delay that moment)… and think about what will happen.

I have a routine of hitting the workout as early as my schedule allows, mostly because watching 9 heats of an Open workout BEFORE doing it is total, utter torture. But, still, now in my 6th Open, I STILL GET NERVOUS.

The simpler the workout. The “better” I am at the movements. The more pressure I feel. The more I KNOW I can go deep into the pain cave. The more I KNOW what I’m capable of. Ya feel me? I didn’t even need to re-warm up before heat 2, because I was instantly LIT.

Terrified. Of wall balls. And rowing. Because I know I can do them. And I know that if I just get REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE, I’ll exceed what I thought I can do. Outside of the gym, we don’t get a lot of practice at purposely being REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE. Own it!

But whatever “pressure” I might feel, these are always fun tests AFTER THEY’RE DONE. And more importantly, I always learn something.

Here are a few ways I talk myself down:

  1. Set a workout goal that is LIKELY achievable, and gives me a focus. (ex: Keep the row at 1000cal/hr, and first 5 rounds of wall balls unbroken). If I hit that MOSTLY REASONABLE goal, everything else is gravy.
  2. It’s just another training day. I needed to train today anyhow. It’s going to be 15 minutes, and I was going to do something anyhow.
  3. Let go of expectations outside of my experience, and just expect to try. Sometimes it’s scary. It’d be scary if it wasn’t the Open, too! Trying a heavy clean or muscle up or other PR is always scary! At least you have a buddyjudge to help and cheer you on.
  4. Just get one. Everything is easier after the clock starts. If the workout is truly horrific and painful, every rep is closer to lunch. Just get one. And another. And eventually, that adds up to a LOT.

Hope your quads and glutes have recovered from 19.1. Bring on the next week!

Coach Heidi


Guest Day: Saturday, 3/2, 8am and 9am

This is a great chance to show your friends and family what you do for “fun”! Both classes will be suitable for athletes of all abilities. Please sign up at the front desk.

Lululemon Shop Night: Tuesday, 3/5, 6:30-8:30

Join your fellow Halers and the crew of Lulu educators to find the right gear for you. We’ll have free reign of the place after they close the doors to the public at 7pm.

All are welcome–friends and family included. Their knowledgeable staff will be on hand to find you the best fit and style, from bra fitting to pants that don’t fall down.

Oh! And we’ll have snacks 🙂

Hale Open–Fridays from 2/22-3/22

One week down, 4 to go!

Be sure to log your score in SugarWOD before 5pm on MONDAY.

Social media challenge for the week:

Post to Instagram with a photo of yourself (NOT in the gym) in a squat. Bonus point for including a kid or pet! Because, well, they’re cute!

Spartan Race – Mar 17 @ 8am at Diablo Grande (San Jose)

Get outside and test your skills at the Spartan Sprint race in San Jose with us!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race (3 miles) with a bunch of obstacles like rope climbs, wall climbs, atlas stones, etc that test a lot more than just your ability to run.

It’s PERFECT for Halers, because you’re training so many different things, you’re going to get to see what you’re capable of out in the wild.

Price ranges from $99-$129 per person, but we found a GROUPON and it’s only $59.00 click here to book it!

If you sign up, coach Mae is going to run a FREE prep course for members to go through how to attack some of the obstacles, and how to improve your running technique. That course will be run Wednesdays from 2/20 to 3/15 at 5:30pm.

The price of the race goes up as the date approaches, and we don’t know when the Groupon runs out. Sign up, add yourself to the CrossFit Hale team, and pick 10:15am as your start time on Sunday.

Workout of the Day:


45 AbMat Sit-Ups
30 Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerks (50/35)
15 Dumbbell Goblet Squats (50/35)

DB: ( 40/25)

If you still need to do Open 19.1, today is your chance. We’ll align with a 15 min AMRAP to make it easy for you.

This one is heavy on the midline (thanks, sit ups!) and will give you a good dose of DB coordination and skill. If you’ll recall the last time we did 30 DB C&J in a row, it’ll add up quickly! Choose a weight that you can do unbroken to start–alternate by performing 5 reps per arm, then switching.


5 Rounds, On the 4:00:
9 Deadlifts (225/155)
12 Barbell-Facing Burpees
15/12 Calorie Row/Bike

Deadlift: ( 155/125)

Woooooohooo!! The heavy-ish deadlifts at the start are a great way to get in some strength work without things getting too sloppy. Move deliberately here (you should be able to do 15+ reps at the weight you choose), then ALL OUT on the burpees and bike.

Really, it’s a little lift, then a lot of SPRINT. We WILL see burpees in the Open, so this is a great chance to test your cadence.


A. Build to Moderate Complex–3 position snatch

B. For Time:
50 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
40 Pull-ups
30 Power Snatches (115/75)

Ring Rows
Power Snatch ( 75,55)

Part A is skill, skill, SKILL! 3 position snatch is one each from high hang (pockets), hang (above knees), and ground. The metcon should be a fun combination and a great chance to practice big set strategies. You’ll face a good amount of fatigue–legs, then arms, then everywhere, so plan a way to keep your composure.

Move steadily to chip away through the box overs.

Pull ups: 12-10-8-6-4 or similar would work well; give yourself descending sets, but try to focus on efficiency and keeping yourself in a smooth rhythm in your kips.

Power snatches: footwork and positioning in your resets will either make the next rep easier or a disaster. Find your balance and make every rep look the same, even if you resort to fast singles.


A. 10 min EMOM: choose a GOAT and work on it!

B. 4 RFT:
400m run
30 air squats
20 KB swings (53/35)

For part A, spend a conscious 10 mins working on something you struggle with. The metcon is a lower intensity burner–goal is to move well and sweat, NOT to crush yourself. We’ll find out Open 19.2 on Thursday at 5pm 🙂

Friday + Weekend: Open 19.2 + TBD!



Giving Back

Quick one this week: with this year’s Hale Open (and beyond), we want to support YOU.

Do you work with a charity, non-profit, or community organization? Could you use monetary funds for a specific project or general cause? Do you need volunteers for an event or ongoing work?

Please send details to

We’ve hosted and participated in a few events over the years–a yoga fundraiser for Women’s Cancer Resource Center, a toy drive and 5K for SF Fire Department Toys Program…and the key is that these causes are close to YOUR hearts. We love opportunities to help you with the things you’re most passionate about.

Extra proceeds from the Hale Open will be donated toward the winning team’s organization of choice. Beyond this, please don’t hesitate to ask if we can help in any way, whether hosting a super fun workout benefit, or gathering volunteers for your event. We have a great community, and I love when we all come together.

Let me know!

Coach Heidi


Holiday Schedule: Monday, Feb 18th

8am and 9am only; no teens class

Hale Open–Fridays from 2/22-3/22

The Hale Open is back! Show up each Friday for a challenging and FUN workout. We’ll follow the workouts of the CrossFit Games Open, so it’ll be a surprise until the day before! We’ll align with the same AM vs PM teams as last year . Choose wisely based on when you show up most Fridays!… or with whichever of your swolemates are the most convincing.

$30 gets you a T-Shirt in your team color. Remaining proceeds will be donated to the winning team’s charity of choice. Points will be awarded for those performing the workout (and logging into Sugar WOD), spirit, and various challenges. Sign up sheet is on the front desk.

Do YOU work with a local charity? We’d love to support the causes closest to our Hale family. Please email with info or with any other questions.

Spartan Race – Mar 17 @ 8am at Diablo Grande (San Jose)

Get outside and test your skills at the Spartan Sprint race in San Jose with us!

The Spartan Sprint is a 5k race (3 miles) with a bunch of obstacles like rope climbs, wall climbs, atlas stones, etc that test a lot more than just your ability to run.

It’s PERFECT for Halers, because you’re training so many different things, you’re going to get to see what you’re capable of out in the wild.

Price ranges from $99-$129 per person, but we found a GROUPON and it’s only $59.00 click here to book it!

If you sign up, coach Mae is going to run a FREE prep course for members to go through how to attack some of the obstacles, and how to improve your running technique. That course will be run Wednesdays from 2/20 to 3/15 at 5:30pm.

The price of the race goes up as the date approaches, and we don’t know when the Groupon runs out. Sign up, add yourself to the CrossFit Hale team, and pick 10:15am as your start time on Sunday.

Workout of the Day:


For Time:
75 Wallballs
35/25 Row/Calorie Assault Bike
10 Rounds of “Strict Cindy”

My big challenge for you today is in the wall ball buy in. Set your mind to big sets, and aim to finish the 75 in only 3-5 sets. (perhaps: 25-20-15-15, or similar).

Be smart about scaling this one. Scale the number of strict pull ups back to what you can do in one to two sets. That is, if you have only 1-2 strict pull ups at a time, scale back the reps to 3 per round or similar. 

Muscle fatigue will be a big factor today–LOTS of arms, lots of squats. Goal is to keep moving, so again, don’t scale UP into a road block at the pull ups or push ups. This is a great day to accumulate some quality strict strength work. Feel free to work on banded pull ups, making sure to hit FULL range of motion. 


A. Deadlift: Build to a Heavy 3 (NOT 3RM)

B. 4 Rounds for Time:
21 Deadlifts (135/95)
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
9 Push Jerks (135/95)

This metcon is a fairly straightforward, classic triplet. Weight for the push jerks is on the heavier side, so plan your deadlifts and box jumps to protect big sets here.

Deadlifts should feel light–these plus the box jumps will be more taxing on heart rate than anything else, so have a strategy to maintain your heart rate. Four rounds is quite a bit to hold on for–this is not a SPRINT, but a 10-15 minute effort. DON’T BLOW UP EARLY.

Use the heavy 3 in part A to start moving smoothly–use your breath to brace, down & up; brace, down & up. Find a cadence, and it should feel MUCH BETTER as you drop the weight down for the metcon. 


5 Rounds, Every 3 mins:
10 DB Hang Power Cleans (2x 50/35)
10 DB Front Rack Walking Lunges
200m Run

This one is a straightforward interval piece. Goal is to move smoothly with the big, unwieldy DBs (this is the standard weight from the last 2 years of the Open… practice!) and then hit the run at a solid pace. NOT a full on sprint, but definitely push the pace. You should have 60-90s of rest before the next round. 


A. 12 min EMOM:
5 Overhead Squats (from ground, starting with PVC)

B. 20 min alt EMOM:
Min 1: 30s double under practice or 12/10 cal row
Min 2: Gymnastics skills

*1-2 sets of LINKED T2B
* 1 set of LINKED kipping/kipping pull ups/C2B
*20s HS hold or core work

Today is ENTIRELY for skill. This is NOT a day to do grunt work just to power through. Your challenge is to move well and LINK movements together, NOT to get work done the fastest.

Overhead squats start with PVC and perhaps progress to empty bar, then a moderate weight. All reps will be taken from the ground. Use this as both practice and active mobility. If you’re warm with OHS, you’ll be ready for anything else that could come up. 

Goal of gymnastics EMOM is to challenge yourself where YOU break. If you have one T2B, then double swing to get the next, your goal is to go for the second and third, EVEN IF YOU MISS. There is no specific goal of # of reps or a timeline to complete. If you practice, they WILL come along. If pull ups are your weakness, try a FEW, but nothing that will wreck you for the Open workout Friday, which we don’t yet know.

For cardio, choose either double unders or calorie row. Practice efficiency and feeling calm. BOTH will show up in the Open eventually. 

Friday & The Weekend:

TBD! We’ll know Friday’s Open workout at 5pm on Thursday, so we’ll adapt the weekend accordingly.

To check out previous Open workouts (and 2019 WODS, once announced), check the CrossFit Games Open site.