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On the 10th Day of CrossFit…


For time:
Double Unders
Ab Mat Sit Ups

This one is a test of composure (dubs!), with a little core work to make them more difficult. This should take you between 5 and 10 minutes. If you can do 5+ double unders unbroken, you should GO FOR IT! If you have a few here and there, spend no more than 90s working on them for the 50-40, and no more than a minute on the 30-20-10…but TRY THEM! You might just find yourself with a new PR.

A few tips to survive Annie unscathed:

  1. Be one with the rope. Find a way to breathe. Find a rhythm. Now, HEAR the rhythm. One-two, one-two, one-two.
  2. Chest up, butt tight. Ever felt like Flipper, unable to control your feet kicking out in front of you? Find a nice neutral stance. I once heard some wise words on how to brace for dubs…”act like you’re holding a fart in.” Thanks, Dr. DiToro! This will help keep your core tight so you are bouncier, and jumping becomes easier.
  3. Speaking of… butts…avoid wearing pants with zippers. Avoid fabrics that might swish or bunch under your low back. If you’re prone to that lovely chafing that comes with sit ups (or you just don’t have much padding), grab a mat.
  4. Just keep moving. No matter how frustrating the double unders (OR SINGLE UNDERS, for that matter!) may be, it’ll be over soon. Breathe, get sweaty, and check off another of the 12 days.

Hopefully not too many “tiger stripes” coming out of those double unders. After Hammer yesterday, this one will not be too much volume. If you need to repeat a workout from earlier in the 12 days, TODAY IS THE DAY.

Just 2 to go after this! Home stretch



On the 9th Day of CrossFit

…we’re layin’ down the Hammer!! 

5 Rounds, EACH for time:
5 Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Front Squats (135/95)
5 Jerks (135/95)
20 Pull Ups
90s Rest

U.S. Army First Sergeant Michael “Hammer” Bordelon, 37, of Morgan City, Louisiana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), based out of Fort Lewis, Washington, died on May 10, 2005, from injuries sustained when a car bomb exploded near him in Mosul, Iraq on April 23, 2005.

He is survived by his wife Mila; children Mike Jr., Jacob, and Johanna; mother Dolores; and sister Doreen Scioneaux.

This one is another Hero WOD. While these tend to be tests of mental fortitude, this one will test your strategy, your muscle endurance, and your ability to hold it together with pretty minimal rest.

If you’ve done “DT,” expect this one to be similar with the weightlifting. The added gymnastics and rest will add a little sparkle AND make it tempting and easier to get through the lifts. TAKE THE BAIT. Aim to get through the barbell work unbroken, or by putting the bar down only once in later rounds. This is your big test today. Little or NO rest here.

The 90s after each round will serve as a little time to get your heart rate down, so USE IT WISELY. Breathe with purpose, and stay away from panting hamster breaths.

The rest, however, will NOT be nearly enough rest for your shoulders and legs to feel ready again. Expect each round to get a little worse on the grip. For the pull ups, aim for a big set to start, then try to take minimal rest as you hit smaller sets. 10-6-4 might work well. Do NOT take your grip to failure. You’ve got to hold on to that bar!

On the 6th Day of CrossFit…

…my coach gave to me….Rahoi! I remember back to the FIRST 12 days at Hale and I was so happy for this one. Burpees AND I got to workout next to Nancy. YESSSS!

Not just fun to say, but a nasty, spicy 12 min AMRAP:
12 box jumps (24/20)
6 Thrusters
6 Bar Facing Burpees

And, good math to boot! 6th day of these 12 day shenanigans… easy to remember, right?!

With the SMALL sets, it’ll be key to move through the thrusters and burpees QUICKLY. Six rounds is EASILY doable, and I expect some folks to push for 8 or 9+… Similar to my OTHER favorite, 11.2, goal here is to stay steady through the box jumps and then NAIL the thrusters and burpees.

Burpees should be on a 1, 2, 3 count. Flop, pop, hop. Don’t forget to breathe as you go–so long as you keep them efficient and solid, 6 reps shouldn’t do you in. As you start to tire, you may opt to walk through the burpees to keep moving, but DO NOT pause long. It’s better to SLOWLY do a burpee and have FIVE left, than stare and wait and still have six to go. Just sayin’.

You can make this one hurt as much as you want. If you’re feeling great, push. If you’re feeling wrecked, just promise yourself to start. Then move to the next set. And the next. Just keep swimming. After this one, you’re halfway done!

Lastly, let us not forget: as a “hero” workout, this one has a story behind the name.

U.S. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gregory J. Rahoi, 38, of Brookfield, Wisconsin, assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico, Virginia, was killed on December 6, 2006, during a live-fire tactical training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, near Bowling Green, Virginia. He is survived by his parents, Natalie and Richard, sister Teri, and fiancee Paula Paulk.


On the Second Day of CrossFit…

My coach gave to me…Nine deadlifts, twelve push ups, fifteen box jumps, and a barbell in a pear tree.

One day down, and a fun one to look forward to! Games Open Workout 11.2 is one of the most approachable, fun, and PACE focused workouts I know of. If I remember correctly, this may have been my first workout Rx, EVER, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Start out too hot, and you’ll suffer in a big way. Go too slow, and you’ll end feeling like you could’ve done more. Move deliberately to get ahead and feel out the pace for the first few rounds. As you get tired, try keep your rounds under 2 mins.

Ninja trick: build a cadence in your head for each movement. Pick a weight for the deadlift that you can do unbroken for infi rounds… or let’s call it 7+ rounds. Tight, down & up! Tight, down & up!

Aim for unbroken push ups at least the first few rounds, and feel free to go HAND RELEASE here. Sometimes it helps hold off the fatigue for a while.

On the box jumps, move STEADILY. Pick a pace that keeps you feeling just around 75%, and build a pattern to keep you on to the next one, and the next. Don’t let them light you up, or you’ll lose a time in your transitions.

Games Open Workout 11.2
15 min AMRAP:
9 Deadlift (155/105)
12 Push Ups
15 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

5 Box Jumps (24″/20″)Scale push ups to a version you can do WELL, with good form (say 15+ when fresh); scale height on box jumps first, then to step ups as needed.



Watch the video below, then scroll down for a recap of the steps you’ll take to set and achieve your goals.



 1. Dream big: what gets you excited and inspired to make change? Are you looking for your “dream body”? Want to run a marathon or obstacle course race? Want to be healthy enough to get pregnant?

2. Form this idea into something VERY specific: “I want to lose SOME weight” will not work. “I want to lose 50lbs” is a great start. You need to be able to measure whether you’ve made progress and/or achieved your goal.

3. Choose a timeline: Maybe it’s your wedding or a class reunion. Maybe you’ve signed up for a race and need to get “in shape” by that date. If you don’t have a specific event in mind, choose a date 3 to 6 months from now.

4. Think of ONE thing you can do tomorrow to get yourself closer to that goal. Maybe you’ll eat a healthy breakfast or just show up at the gym. Choose one thing and actually do it.

5. Last (and maybe most important): I want you to commit to stakes. That is, what are you willing to give up if you DON’T achieve your goal?! Maybe it’s a sum of money (think: plane ticket to Hawaii?!). Maybe you’ll do 100 burpees every day after your goal deadline until you achieve your goal. Whatever it is, the stakes need to be high enough that you DON’T want to suffer the consequences.

Your homework: write down and work through each of these topics–it doesn’t even matter (at this point) if they’re entirely realistic.

We’ll use this information to discuss and refine your goal, build a strategy to achieve it, and measure your success along the way.

Cleaning up Your Kitchen

Watch the video below, then scroll down for a recap of the steps you’ll take to clean up your kitchen.

Old habits die hard, so set yourself up for success! Remove tempting foods that may sway you away from your “plan.” Out of sight, out of mind!

Here’s how:

  • Check the labels and avoid:
    • Sugar
    • Anything you can’t pronounce
    • Grains: wheat, corn, rice, etc
    • Dairy
    • Legumes (peanuts, beans)
    • Most additives. See below for a list.
  • Start with dry goods or your pantry:
    • If your family still eats the foods, move them to a separate shelf or box and store them elsewhere
    • Donate non-perishable, unopened food
    • Dead giveaways:
      • Meals in a box (like mac n cheese, pasta roni, etc)
      • Grains: pasta, bread, rice, cereal
      • Sugar: treats AND prepared foods like chili
      • Cookies, cakes, desserts, etc
      • Any non-perishable, un-canned items (like Twinkies!)
  • Check the labels! Read carefully for preservatives, sugar, etc. These two lists outline what to look for:
  • Then, move on to your fridge
    • Most condiments contain at LEAST sugar, and many contain preservatives
    • Generally, if it’s not prone to spoiling (like meat/produce), look CLOSELY at ingredients
  • What SHOULD be left:
    • Healthy cooking fats: coconut oil, olive oil
    • Vinegars
    • Spices, dried herbs (check any spice blends for additives!)
    • Canned coconut milk
    • Canned veggies: tomato paste, etc
    • High quality (ideally wild caught) canned fish: tuna, sardines, anchovies, etc
    • Fresh & frozen meats, vegetables, etc
  • If you’re not sure how to re-stock, start with these two links

Living Better Podcast – Ep 15 – Meet Coach Heidi


Heidi is the head coach of MissFit, and one of Hale’s most experienced and respected coaches and athletes. Like all of our coaches, she started as a member with some very specific goals and limitations.

Today we hear the story of her humble beginnings, losing 50 pounds and dealing with a variety of injuries to becoming an athlete and coach at Hale, and how she uses her experience to help coach people to amazing fitness results.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a burrito and beer diet impacts your performance
  • Why losing weight wasn’t enough for Heidi
  • How Heidi got over her fear of injuring herself
  • How YOU can overcome fear in a class
  • The best part about being a coach (that has nothing to do with fitness)
  • Heidi’s best advice for new athletes

Links and Resources for this Episode

  • MissFit – Coach Heidi’s program at CrossFit Hale – click here
  • Grace (one of the benchmark workouts Heidi mentions) – click here
  • Spehar (Heidi’s toughest workout) – click here
  • The 12 Days of CrossFit (our favorite annual event) – click here

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Workout of the Day for 5-3-16


15 min amrap
2 muscle ups
200m run

Coaches Notes:

We will spend time going through muscle ups, with a focus on getting you to get your first one, or linking them together

Mike Tyson Said it Best…

I broke my back… my back is broken….SPINAL…

I never know what the guy is saying, but check it out for yourself.

Ha!! He captured it beautifully.

Nice work on 16.4, guys. If you’re still feeling a little hobbled, make sure to loosen up and get moving, however gently, to get things feeling right again. Perhaps run through a few squats, get in some good hamstring stretches, and spend some time in pigeon pose if you’re really suffering.

One more week to go!! No mandatory theme this week, but remember that you’re going for ALL the glory. Work with your team to put together a dance (I really like dancing) or similar to show your spirit.

Mike T.

Also, note: since we’re announcing the overall team winner this FRIDAY, we will only be counting points for members that complete the WOD by Friday evening. Please plan to do the workout on Friday (or, as a stretch, Thursday after the announcement).

Beer and snacks provided after the evening WOD. We earned it. Even if you do the workout earlier in the day, come crack a cold one with us.

If that’s out of the question, I still expect you to complete the workout and log your scores before Monday… you just won’t earn points for your team.

On to the recap:

16.4 was: 13 min AMRAP:
55 deadlifts
55 wall balls
55 cal row

Spirit of Hale award for the week goes to Lance for his valiant, final-seconds attack on the handstand pushups. With only a few seconds to spare, he threw himself up to the wall and was able to fight for 3 locked out reps. He’s come a long way on this movement over the last month. Awesome work, Lance!!!


Team Spirit award goes to Legends of Hale. I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard their fox antics were epic. I hear masks give you the anonymity you need to really let loose. Nicely done, guys! Keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook for snippets.

Ashley hit a bit PR on her deadlift and then proceeded to lift the bar another 50 or so times. Yeahhhh!!

Top Rx scores:
1.Chinwuba Ezekwe
2.Patrick Brown
3.Lance Candelaria

1.Bekah List
2.Jessica Barba
3.Thao Pham

Top Scaled scores:
1.Imani Wilson
2.Mike Nevin
3.Cliff Atkinson

1.Bibi Jackson
2.Bonnie Zweben
3.Kate Smith

Team points for week 4:
1.Tiger Claw: 27 points
2.Legends of Hale & Smoking Dragons: 24 points
3.Herd of Unicorns: 23 points

Overall standings, with ONE week to go:
1.Herd of Unicorns: 152 points
2.Tiger Claw: 137 points
3.Legends of Hale: 101 points
4.Smoking Dragons: 97 points

Can’t wait to see what excitement Thursday’s announcement holds.

Coach “standing up is hard work” Heidi

Workout of the Day for (3-23-16)


2nd annual Hale Throwdown will be Saturday, 4/23–Rx and Scaled divisions available; Early Bird registration is $40 and runs through Friday, 4/1


Work up to a heavy set of the complex

1 squat clean + 1 thruster + 1 shoulder to overhead


How Jay Became the Fresh Prince of Hale…

In West El Cerrito, I work and play
At CrossFit is where I spend most of my days
Chilling out maxin’, snatching all cool
And dancing my ass off, actin’ like a fool

I’ll spare you the rest. Maybe for the Christmas talent show. No promises.

Still thinking back and laughing about the festivities these past few weeks–THANK YOU for showing up and giving your all for both the workout and the team dances each week. Acting silly sure does take some of the pain out of these Open WODs.

unnamed (1)

16.3 was:
7 minute AMRAP
10 power snatches
3 bar muscle ups

While the muscle ups created a bit of a pile up at the 10 rep mark, there was good reason to give the Rx workout a shot. Many of you nailed your first BMU or came dangerously close to doing so.

The jumping C2B were definitely a step up from regular jumping pullups we saw in 16.1 and proved to be challenging.

Whether Scaled or Rx, the shorter time of this workout was both a relief (yay! Not another 20 minutes of lunges and burpees!) and a big kick to get moving and push as hard as possible for the shorter time.

On to the awards and standings….

Spirit of Hale went to Carrie Cangelosi this week–she’s been working on muscle ups for months and she finally nailed the transition into a bar muscle up (and a second!) during this workout. Awesome work!


Team Spirit award went to Tiger Claw for their epic re-enactment of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. They had every detail nailed down, from the couple of guys (that were up to no good!) to the cabbie. Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for footage of this and the other team pre-WOD dances.

Many athletes got their first bar muscle up during or shortly after the workout. Congrats to: Lance, Chiekel, Bekah, Carrie, and Brian J! The following athletes got their first jumping chest to bars (they were no joke!): Bonnie, Denali, Lisa and Dianne.

Top Rx scores were posted by the following:
1.Patrick Brown
2.Dane Anderson
3.Ravi Karki

And Women:
1.Bekah List
2.Carrie Cangelosi
A tie between all the other ladies that valiantly attempted the BMU–you’ll get ’em next time!

Top Scaled scores came from:
1.Eric Manlove
2.Chris Tatum
3.Imani Wilson

1.Bibi Jackson
2.Kate Smith
3.Bonnie Zweben

Team points for Week 3 were:
1.Herd of Unicorns: 41 pts
2.Tiger Claw: 40 pts
3.Legends of Hale: 25 pts
4.Smoking Dragons: 15 pts

Overall standings, with two workouts remaining:
1.Herd of Unicorns: 128 pts
2.Tiger Claw: 110 pts
3.Legends of Hale: 77 pts
4.Smoking Dragons: 73 pts

200 burpees to anyone that completes the workout and fails to post their score next week!

Reminder: Rave theme this week.

See you soon,

Coach “did the beat just drop?” Heidi

Workout of the Day for (3-17-16)


2nd annual Hale Throwdown will be Saturday, 4/23–Rx and Scaled divisions available; Early Bird registration is $40 and runs through Friday, 4/1


3 rounds for time of:
500m row
12 burpees
21 thrusters (45/35)

Coaches Notes:

Goal is to sprint today, the weight is light, so you should be able to MOVE on this one


I can’t get no satisfaction…

16.2 might go down as the most redone workout in Hale’s history of the Open. Usually we take the “one and done” approach, but we saw many of you try again, push harder, and greatly improve your scores.

Open WOD 16.2 was:

0:00-4:00: 25 T2B, 50 double unders, 15 squat cleans
4:00-8:00: 25 T2B, 50 double unders, 13 squat cleans
8:00-12:00: 25 T2B, 50 double unders, 11 squat cleans
12:00-16:00: 25 T2B, 50 double unders, 9 squat cleans
16:00-20:00: 25 T2B, 50 double unders, 7 squat cleans
*only move on to next 4:00 cycle if you finish ALL reps

Those short 4 minute windows left a lot of us questioning…could I have gone just a little bit harder?! Those first two rounds were fast and furious. Improving on one missed skip or faster transitions often meant making it to the next round.


The results reflected your hard work, whether the first or second time around. Lots of PRs on doubles or toes to bar for those of you whom chose to go Rx. TONS of squat clean PRs all around. With the big jumps in weights, some of you skipped over a 5 or 10lb PR and went straight to bigger numbers.

Dianne won our Spirit of Hale award for the week, and if you saw her face when she made her first 65lb squat clean, you know why. She skipped her way through the workout on one leg and stepped up to the squat cleans knowing they were heavier than she’d ever lifted before. Despite a few missed reps, she picked up the barbell over and over and ultimately hit a new PR weight of 65# a handful of times.

The Smoking Dragons won our team spirit award with their “creative” Macarena battle dance. It may have been more appropriate in this week’s 90s theme, but way to bring back a classic!

Many thanks to everyone for the epic MJ danceoff.

If you missed it, check out Facebook or Instagram for video footage.

Congrats to the following athletes for PRs this week: Jennifer, Evelio, Bonnie, Cecilia, Dane, Lilly, Chiekel, Dianne, Thao, Carlos, Angel, Malia, Robyn, Julianna, Jeff, Candice, Jessica, Chris, and Ashley.

Top scores for the week went to:

Rx Men:
1.David Ezekwe
2.Cody Coeckelenbergh
3.Patrick Brown

Scaled Men:
1.Angel Orduno
2.Edison Murillo
3.Eric Manlove

Rx Women:
1.Bekah List
2.Jessica Barba
3.Thao Pham

Scaled Women:
1.Nancy Williams
2.Bonnie Zweben
3.Michelle Cappello

Full leaderboard can be found here

Team points for 16.2:
1.Herd of Unicorns (41 pts)
2.Tiger Claw (35 pts)
3.Smoking Dragons (31 pts)
4.Legends of Hale (23 points)

Overall team standings:
1.Herd of Unicorns (88 pts)
2.Tiger Claw (70 pts)
3.Smoking Dragons (58 pts)
4.Legends of Hale (52 pts)

Open 16.3 will be announced LIVE this Thursday at 5pm with Shawn Ramirez and Nick Paladino (two top Masters athletes) competing.

Friday’s theme is the 90s–so many ways you could go for this one. Look for an email telling you all about the unicorns’ winning strategy later in the week. Just kidding. But that was totally worth the dance off.

See you soon,

Heidi “MJ leaks” Heidi

REMINDER: Please post your scores as soon as you complete each workout. If you choose to repeat a workout, you may update your score at any time, but it’s better to have SOMETHING in than forget come Monday at 5pm. Also, please be sure to post all PRs on the board and ring that bell! You earned it! Let’s celebrate it! (And your team gets points for these things).

Workout of the Day for (3-9-16)


Wed. March 16th 6:30pm group class cancelled and 7:30pm Missfit cancelled.

Mobility Seminar: Shoulders workshop $39. Wed. March 16th 6:30pm-8pm Sign up sheet at front desk open to members and non-members.


Every min on the min for 12 mins

3 deadlift 275/185 even min
10 push ups odd min

rest 5 mins, then

Every min on the min for 12 mins

3 strict press 135/95 even min
10 pull ups odd min

Coaches Notes:

Goal is to lift heavy on the deadlifts and press, so select a weight that will be heavy for 3 reps, but not impossible

on pull ups/push ups, focus on staying tight through the middle and getting through them in less than 30 secs