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Squatting on a Bum Knee

The workout calls for squats, but you’ve got a nagging pain in your knee. Guess you should skip the gym today, right?

Not necessarily!

Coach Heidi is here with some techniques for alleviating knee pain in the gym:

  1. Fix improper technique.
  2. Reduce range of motion.
  3. Modify the movement.

Don’t let a bum knee put you on the bench—come to class and ask a coach for help instead!

Is CrossFit Dangerous?

You’ve heard the stereotype—”CrossFit is dangerous.” But is it true?

Well, like everything in life, it depends on how you do it. And at Hale, our team of professional trainers will teach you to move safely and efficiently so you can get a great workout while minimizing risk of injury.

Remember—the fitter you are, the safer you’ll be in any situation.

Being sedentary is the real danger.

Pickin’ Up Rocks

Today’s workout calls for Atlas stones. Who’s Atlas? And why can’t he pick up his own stones?

According to Greek mythology, after the Titan Atlas went into battle against the Olympian gods for control of the heavens, Atlas was sentenced by Zeus to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders.

Thankfully, you won’t need to do that in today’s workout. You will, however, need to get a big, round object over your shoulder as many times as possible (among other things).

Here are some tips for how to do it efficiently.

Negative Self-Talk vs. Positive

What do you say to yourself in the morning when you look at the day’s workout?

Or as you start warming up? During the workout?

Negative self-talk will set you up for failure and disappointment—just imagine what postive self-talk could do.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, 
Your thoughts become your words, 
Your words become your actions, 
Your actions become your habits, 
Your habits become your values, 
Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

No Excuses Challenge

The summer’s over, the kids are back in school and there’s no better time to focus on improving YOURSELF!

From September 9 through October 21, we’ll be running the No Excuses Challenge, a six-week period in which we’ll eat better, move more and recover well.

In this challenge, you will learn how to:

  • Compose healthy meals.
  • Nail down sustainable habits.
  • Develop a mobility/recovery practice

We’ll measure progress with a before-and-after baseline workout as well as an InBody scan. The goal isn’t perfection but rather to learn which habits are most effective—or destructive—in helping you feel, look and perform your best.

Sign up at the front desk today!

Whether you’ve already registered or you’re still on the fence, we invite you to attend our kick-off meeting TODAY, Wednesday, September 4, at 6:30 p.m. to get more details and ask questions.

The Hale Case Study Project: Week 6

It’s time to check back in with our Hale Case Study participants!

In this update, they’ve just hit the six-week mark—and if you’ve ever made a lifestyle change before, you know that’s when things start to get tough. The newness has worn off and all that’s left is hard work without the lustre.

But this is the time when it’s most critical to keep pushing onward, and that’s exactly what our participants are doing.

Natalie got a 40-lb. deadlift PR.

Jay’s down five percent body fat and got his strict muscle-up back.

Jon got a handstand and toes-to-bars and can go on longer bike rides with his kids.

Lilly passed the point she normally gives up.

Around week four is when I tend to be like f**k it, I don’t care anymore,” she said. “But I stuck with it.” Now she’s down 4 percent body fat and around 6 lb.

Tune in above to see what the rest of the Hale Case Study participants have accomplished at the six-week mark.

Fix Your Overhead Position

We’ve got a lot of snatches and overhead squats on the whiteboard today, and those are no easy tasks.

If you struggle to stay stable or even to get into a proper overhead position, you’ll want to watch this video before you head to class.

The Monkey Bars of DEATH

No, we’re not training you for an upcoming audition for American Ninja Warrior (although that sounds like fun!).

The Monkey Bars of Death is a great way to work out tension and soreness in the hamstrings—especially if you’ve done a bunch deadlifts.

—Set up a barbell slightly below hip height.

—Step over the barbell with one leg, resting the hamstring on the barbell.

—Flex and extend the leg; work tough spots in small circular motions. In other words, WORK THOSE HAMSTRINGS!

—Feel like death—but trust us, afterward, it’ll feel like heaven.

Try it, then post to comments how you feel!

Living Better Podcast – Ep. 45 – Coach Heidi Gets Real

In this episode, Hale coach Heidi shares her journey from athlete to overweight to CrossFit coach.

Coach Heidi Gets Real

Coach Heidi has been an athlete all her life: Dance. Biking. Baseball. Football. Rugby. Swimming. Volleyball. Basketball. Skiing. Snowboarding.

But that doesn’t mean she’s never struggled with her fitness.

Shortly before joining Hale in 2013, Heidi had reached her highest body weight ever: 200 lb. You might look at what she can do now and think, “No way. She doesn’t understand the struggle,” but we assure you, she does—even now.

“As a coach, unless you are being coached, it’s hard to get to that scary place sometimes. You can do just enough. I don’t always push,” she admitted.

That’s why even coaches need coaches.

Heidi described being inspired by Coach Wendy to track her macros more carefully; today, Heidi’s at the lowest body-fat percentage of the past three years.

That inspiration is one of the reasons she decided to become a coach herself.

“The things you can’t see in yourself that others can,” she said. “And this is a big part of why I love being a coach: You can see the faces people make, you can see the little glimmers of fear or hope or excitement or all of those things, and you are not always self-aware enough to see them in yourself.”

It’s not about perfection, she continued. It’s about effort.

“Find something you can nail down and be confident in,” she said. “Find momentum. Do one very simple thing and do it really well, until that feels easy. Then you can take off a bigger chunk.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How even coaches like Heidi struggle with their fitness.
  • How committing to precise nutrition and accountability helped Heidi take her fitness to the next level.
  • Why Coach Heidi thinks you should be a grizzly bear.

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