• Summertime Sounds

    5 July 2020 Heidi

    Saw more fireworks over the weekend than in any 4th of July ever. Imagine if they were legal! 🙂 We hope you stayed safe and healthy, and enjoyed some time with the family. This week at Hale, we’re ramping up our Bac…

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  • Back to Normal

    28 June 2020 Heidi

    HA! Very little about how you’re living right now feels normal. But that hasn’t stopped you from trying. Have you noticed how much traffic is out on the road? And how much longer you have to wait in lines to get into…

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  • Are you ready?

    21 June 2020 Heidi

    June 22 is our first day back at Hale in 3 months! It’ll be a while before things get back to normal, but this is the first step. Even if you won’t be joining us in person, here’s how you can get your workout i…

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  • What a week!

    14 June 2020 Heidi

    The last few weeks (and months) have been exceptional in the history of Hale. The world is changing for the better, and we are changing along with it. In case you missed it last week, we’ve dropped our affiliation with…

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  • Crossing the Line

    7 June 2020 Jay

    My dad taught me to look for the good in everyone. He believed people were fundamentally good at their core and deserved the benefit of the doubt. He also taught me to not be anyone’s punk. When a line is crossed, you …

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  • No one is going to do it for you

    31 May 2020 Heidi

    Quick life hack: If you have something you want to remind yourself of 50x per day, put it in a photo on the lock screen of your phone. You can write your goals, a reminder to breathe or be grateful, or your personal mi…

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  • The Toughest workout in CrossFit

    24 May 2020 Heidi

    Every year on Memorial Day, we do what has been called “the toughest workout in CrossFit” Depending on how fast you go, how hot it is, and how many people you have pushing you on, it CAN be. During the CrossFit games…

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  • Where to find toilet paper, and 7 other essential SIP tips.

    17 May 2020 Heidi

    You CAN find toilet paper and paper towels (and just about everything else) at Costco at all times of the day. If you go to Vallejo or Fairfield. Turns out Richmond Costco is one of the busiest in the state! Take a littl…

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  • The best of 30 Hale(y) shows

    10 May 2020 Heidi

    On April 1st, we had our first live daily show called “The Haley Show” We just wanted to connect with you and bring a bit of levity to help us all get through this together. We’ve done more then 30 shows and ar…

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  • Hope on the horizon

    3 May 2020 Heidi

    We’ve got a lot of great stuff coming for you this week. 1 – Last week, we gave you 3 outdoor workouts you can do near you. This week, we’re adding a 4th. Cougar field is open!!! Cougar field at Albany Midd…

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