On the 6th Day of CrossFit…

My coach gave to me…


Today is a GREAT day to work on SKILLZ. If you are working on your pull up, chest to bar, muscle up, or handstand push up, show up and nail them today!

If you’ve never done “Nate” RX today, this is your day. 

The only way you can mess up today is if you make it TOO easy and end up getting 20 rounds. Approach this one as a skills/recovery day, we’ve got 6 more to go!

Reminder, please sign up for the holiday party on the 20th so we know how much BBQ to make.

Day 6 of the 12 days – Nate

20 min AMRAP:

•2 Chest to bar pull-ups
•4 Push-ups
•8 Kettlebell swings (53,35)

•2 Muscle-ups
•4 Handstand Push-ups
•8 Kettlebell swings (70,53)

Jumping Chest to bar pull-ups

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