On the 9th Day of CrossFit…

The end is COMING!

Only 4 days to go! Today is a spicy one….you’re rowing fast, then lifting heavy, only to do burpees if you have any time left…ouch!

These are the 3 favorite movements from one of our fav people.

Scale the weight to something you feel comfortable with doing 7 every round, and try to match your score over the 8 rounds.

Get after it!

Day 9 of the 12 days – Heidi


8 rounds for reps
2mins on/ 2mins off:

250m row
7 Front squats (155,105)
Max burpees in the remaining time

Front squats
200m run for row as necessary

score is total reps ( front squats + burpees) all 8 rounds


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