On the 8th Day of CrossFit…

Day 8 is where things start to click into place.

You’ve done 7 days of work, and you have 5 days to go.

You’re sore, you’re tired, and you just…DON’T WANT TO!!!

But often the difference between success and failure comes down to showing up when you don’t feel like it.

When it’s hard, when it’s boring, when you’re stressed or busy.

Just keep showing up.

Today’s workout is named after someone who ALWAYS shows up.

Literally, ALWAYS.

Kari has been training at Hale for six years, and she has never missed a session…not once.

Not only that, she has never missed a day of work and her daughter has never missed a day of school in the 6 years we’ve known her.

Her superpower is relentless consistency….


As a result, she’s lost over 90 lbs, learned how to lift weights and run again, and has completely transformed her body.

It’s never been easy for her. She’s had all the same struggles we’ve all had with family, nutrition, lack of progress, and plain ol boredom.

But she keeps showing up, doing the work, and getting 1% better every day.

She inspires us and brightens our day every weekday at 2pm….

So this year, during the 12 days of CrossFit, we are honoring our most consistent athlete with a new hero workout called “Kari”

It’s a combination of some of her favorite movements and her least favorite movements.

Scale them as you need, but the main goal is to just show up, start the clock, and get the work done.

Just like Kari!

5 days to go…

See you at the gym!

Coach “#belikekari” Jay

PS – Last few days to get your name in for the BBQ and Holiday party at East Brothers. Sign up at the front, or by hitting reply to this email so we know how much food to bring.

Day 8 of the 12 days – Kari

For time:

50 Deadlifts (155,105)
200m run
50 Burpees
200m run
50 Cal row
200m run
50 Wall balls (20,14)
200m run
50 Cal bike
200m run

(35 min cap)


*200m walk if you can’t run*

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