Summertime Sounds

Saw more fireworks over the weekend than in any 4th of July ever.

Imagine if they were legal! 🙂

We hope you stayed safe and healthy, and enjoyed some time with the family.

This week at Hale, we’re ramping up our Back Squats and Deadlifts as we get more comfortable with the barbell again.

Check out all the workouts for the week below

We’ll be doing most of our conditioning in the parking lot. The mats we use get hot in the sun, so pack a beach towel to keep yourself cool.

Last week on the Haley Show, we rolled out new athlete levels, talked about the path to fitness, and came up with some strategies to deal with fear.

On Monday, we’re talking about how to build the “perfect” fitness program.

Check out the replays or watch the show live by going here –

Our free park workout will be 8am on Saturday morning at Cougar field.

See you there!

Coach Jay



Outdoor Workout–Saturday, 7/11, 8am

Meet at Cougar Field (Albany Middle School) at 8am (or a few minutes early). No equipment needed, but bring a yoga mat or towel, as ground may be wet. Guests welcome.

40 Days to Fit

Ready to get started? Our next 40 Days to Fit program starts Monday July 13 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7pm. These small group classes will introduce you to common movements we use in our classes and set you up with coaching to crush your goals. Email for more info.

Equipment Returns!

Outstanding equipment will be reconciled on Monday. If you’re still holding on to some (except dumbbells), return it now.

Class Sign Up Updates

  • You can sign up for classes here –
  • If you sign up and need to cancel, please do so online with 24 hours notice. We’ve had incidents with no shows and last minute cancellations that are unfair to people who couldn’t get in.

Workouts for the Week


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
10 cat/cow
5 push up to down dog
10 squats (work to jumping squats round 3)
5 broad jumps


Back Squat

*Aim for the 4th set to be at or close to what you did for your top set last week. The goal is to increase your heaviest set by 5-20# over last week or end around 70-75% or your 1RM Back Squat.

Record 3 heaviest sets of 8


Strict Jackie

For time:
• 1000m row
• 50 Thruster 45/35#
• 30 Pull-ups

13 minute time cap

At Home Version:
800m Run
50 Light Dumbbell Thrusters
30 Plank Rows (1 rep = row on each arm)

Score is time. Add 1 sec for each rep you did not complete. For example, if you have 10 Pull-ups left at the 15 minute mark, your score is 13:10

You should be feeling more confident now into week 3 of these progressions. Still a lot of reps! Remember your bracing and set up.

Strict Jackie will be a big challenge–benchmark workout, but with a twist. Row at a pace that leaves you some gas to bang out big sets of thrusters. Pro tip: if you rest, put the bar on your back… not DOWN. Take a few BIG, DEEP breaths before going in to do pull ups or ring rows. Those strict reps will be tough!


Warm Up:
8 min AMRAP:
10 up downs/100m job
10 good mornings
5 inch worm + push up
5 broad jump


10 minutes, as many rounds & reps as possible
15 Plate Ground to
10 Burpees
(Score is Rounds + Reps)

Finisher: Alternating Tabata
8 Rounds: 20s on/10s off
A. Alternating V-Ups
B. Plate/DB Gun Hold

Cool Down:

2 mins/side QL Smash

This one is only two movements–the plate ground to overhead probably won’t feel like enough “rest” before you’re back on burpees! Goal today is to find your rhythm. If you can smooth out your breathing and your burpee cadence (and footwork), you’ll suffer MUCH LESS. 


Strength & Conditioning

Same as Monday!


Warm Up:
200m run, then

2 Rounds:
5/5 Side Plank Rotations
15 Hollow Rocks
20 Glute Bridge-Ups

2 Rounds:
10 groiners
10 high knees
10 woodpeckers
10 side shuffle per side


3 Rounds for Time
30 Goblet Lunges
200m Run
30 Mountain Climbers
200m Run

Cool Down:
2 mins/side calf smash

Lots of single leg work today–in fact, all of it! Weight the lunges heavy enough that you feel like you *might* have to split up reps. Goblet position should force you to keep your chest up, so be mindful of that and good balance throughout. if you’re not running, it’ll be :45s to a minute of your choice of cardio.


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
6 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
10 bird dog
20 toe touches (plank to pike, touch shoe, back to plank repeat)
8 plate ground to overhead (10#)
30 sec plank hold


2 minutes as many reps as possible:
5 Deadlifts
5 strict press
5 front squats
5 good mornings
5 back squats
30 sec active squat hold


goal is to build each set

Aim to start your first set at or near your top set from last week

Record heaviest 3 sets of 3

At home scaling:
Tempo Deadlift: 8-8-8-8-8

Immediately followed by:
5/side single leg hamstring bridge (hold 3s at top)
8-10 hamstring curls with sliders (or towel on wood floor)


10 minutes As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible:

1-2-3-4… Power Cleans
2-4-6-8… Burpees

*increase by 1 Power Clean and 2 Burpees each round

Score is Rounds & Reps Completed

At Home Version:
10 minutes As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible:

1-2-3-4… Dumbbell Power Cleans (if light DBs, do same number of reps as Burpees)
2-4-6-8… Burpees

Heavy deads today! All 5 sets should be “working weight.” Depending on how the last two weeks have felt, aim to start your first set or two closer to where you’ve been ending and build from there as able.

The metcon is fun and spicy–the ascending reps start out feeling easy and snappy. If you have a tough time with burpees, find a way to move through them smoothly, with NO WASTED ENERGY. That may mean stepping back and forward, or wide legs… but keep it smooth. Cleans may be linked, or fast singles, but every set up should be “cute.” Keep weights at something that feels like skill, not grunt work.


Warm Up:
6 min AMRAP:
5 push up to down dog
20 fast feet
3/side scorpion stretch
20 plate hops


A. 3 Rounds:
10 bicep curls
20 dead bugs
(6 min cap)

B. 15 min AMRAP:
20s handstand/plank hold
30 Double Unders
20 Sit Ups (OH weight)
10 Box Jump Overs

Cool Down:
2 mins/side shoulder scrub

Overhead, core, and agility today. Work on whatever version of handstand feels good for you (wall walk, inverted plank, kick up). This should be the fun part! If no box to jump up and onto: jump OVER a high object, run to touch wall (just a few steps) and back over. Over and back should be a nice change of scenery.


Strength & Conditioning

Same as Wednesday!


Warm Up:
200m run, then dynamic warm up drills
over/under fence
groiners/calf stretch
side shuffle
high knees
butt kickers


For Time
800m Run
15 Devil’s Press
30 Supine T2B
400m Run
12 Devil’s Press
24 Supine T2B
200m Run
9 Devil’s Press
18 Supine T2B

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash

This workout should feel like it speeds up as you go. Aim for a faster pace on the run and throughout devil’s press, since the reps are going down. Remember to keep your low back DOWN for T2B and move with control… More ab work!


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
4 rounds:
with a red and yellow band
18 band pull aparts (yellow)
10 band goodmornings (red)
20 second superman hold
20 second plate overhead hold (10#)


Strict Press
Aiming for no more than 80-85% of 1RM

Super Set With:
Tempo Strict Pull-up
3-5 Tempo Strict Pull-ups or Ring Rows*
3 seconds Down- 2 seconds hang-explode up

*Add 1-2 reps from last week or add weight

At Home:
Strict Press:

If available weight not heavy enough to feel HARD, opt for Z Press (seated, legs straight out in front), and add tempo if needed)

Superset with 10 tempo bent over rows (1111)


5 Rounds going every 4 minutes:

Row 500 meters

Goal is to consistent pace across sets, going at 90-95% pace

At Home Version:

5 Rounds going every 4 minutes:

Run 400 meters

Strict press again! Work on mechanics–butt squeezed, ribs down, and aiming for that perfect front rack on your shoulders every time.

Row repeats (or run!) are a special beast. The 2:00 time frame is especially challenging. It’s just short enough to push hard, but you may not have QUITE enough time to repeat the same effort at equal intensity. Aim for 85% and try to match or beat your times as you go. DO NOT sprint the first one!


Warm Up:
Alternate between:
A. Jumping Jacks + Plank
B. Groiners + Hand Release Push Ups


Every minute on the minute for 16 minutes
Min 1: MAX Wall Balls/Single DB Thrusters
Min 2: MAX Farmer’s Hold
Min 3: MAX DB/KB Seesaw Bent Over Row
Min 4: MAX Hollow Hold

Aim for one REALLY BIG set each round–should take about 40-45s each time. Score = FEWEST number of wall balls/thrusters in any round (that is, your worst score)

Cool Down:
2 mins/side hamstring smash

Working on stamina today–aim for one BIG set of each movement. This should take about 40-45s each minute. Go CLOSE to failure, but not so far that form suffers horribly. If you’re not ready to shout by your last few reps, it’s either too light, or you need to hold on for a few more!


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
10 high knees
10 butt kickers
10 mountain climbers
20 high knees
20 butt kickers
20 mountain climbers
30 high knees
etc…. up to 50


Workout at Albany Track

Run 400m then
4 Rds:
12 Dumbbell Snatches
9 V-Ups
6 Burpees
Run 400m then
3 Rds:
12 Dumbbell Snatches
9 V-Ups
6 Burpees

Run 400m:
2 Rds:
12 Dumbbell Snatches
9 V-Ups
6 Burpees
Run 400 then
12 Dumbbell Snatches
9 V-Ups
6 Burpees

30 minute Time Cap





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