We Take on Hero WOD “Kelly”

If you’ve been a member with us for a while, you might have noticed we save the toughest “Girls” or “Hero” WoDs for our Saturday class. An intense workout at the end of the week is a very deliberate and well-considered component of the programming here at CrossFit Hale.

For those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook, we thought we would post some photos from today’s 9AM class here on our blog.

“Kelly” is what is known as a Hero WOD, and it consists of five rounds for time of: 400m run + 30 box jumps (men: 24″/women: 20″) + 30 wall balls (men: 20lbs. ball to 10ft target / women: 14lbs. ball to 9ft. target).

We ask our members to give everything they’ve got, every single time they come in to train with us, even on active recovery (aka “rest”) days. Today was a great example of people pushing themselves as well supporting their fellow members.

We love our community!









You can view the rest of the album on our Facebook page, or by using any of the links in the Facebook excerpt below:

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