CrossFit Hale Teen Titans Program

We provide a safe fitness environment so youth can grow strong and confident, both physically and mentally.

Ages 13-18
Mon, Wed, Thu: 4:30pm – 5:30pm
Fri: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Our Teen Titans class teaches functional fitness through bodyweight movements,  gymnastics, agility, and they advance to power and olympic lifting. In addition to classes filled with games and workouts, our teens set athletic goals with their coach and certain skills and workouts are tested and re-tested every 6-12 weeks so that teens can see their progress.

Ability to start into group classes is at the discretion of the Head Coach. If a teen is not ready quite yet for group classes, personal training sessions can be arranged to work on readiness for class.

Teens can try out a class for free*, but please contact the gym at so our coaches know to expect them.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is also available for those that can not make our class times, children and/or groups that want sports specific coaching, children who need one-on-one coaching rather than being in a large group, or children who need one-on-one help with mobility and staying active while safely recovering from injury.

*All new teens must have at least 2 personal training sessions to assess readiness for our teen group classes by looking at range of motion, body control, and ability to follow safety procedures.

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