Athlete Skill Levels & Monthly Progress Check-In

The effectiveness of any fitness program is only as good as its measurable results. At CrossFit Hale, we look for results in all of the ten components of fitness: cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power, and speed.

Our Athlete Skill Levels document gives you a specific measure for how effective you are in a wide variety of disciplines covering each of these components.


Only a constantly varied fitness program like what we offer at CrossFit Hale, that is based on functional movements and executed at a high intensity, will give you the tools you need to improve in all ten areas over time. The Athlete Skill Levels document will give you tools for goal setting and finding your strengths and weaknesses.

Most importantly, it will help answer the question, “How fit are you?”

This document is version 4.0 of the original, which was created at our London gym back in 2010. It is based on extensive research and discussion, and represents what we believe to be a fair assessment of athletic ability.

Our standards are high and are designed to force you to improve beyond your current capacity.

The Athlete Skill Levels are:

Beginner – This is the minimum standard for fitness. An injury-free athlete starting CrossFit can expect to reach this level of fitness with three to twelve months of consistent effort. Achieving this level will ensure you have the minimum flexibility, stamina, and strength of a well-rounded beginner, as well as possess the basic concepts of proper movement.

Intermediate – As an adult, this is considered healthy and fit. You can expect somewhere between six to twenty-four months to achieve this once you’ve reached the level of Beginner. This represents a healthy level of flexibility, stamina, work capacity, speed and strength/bodyweight ratio, as well as a good understanding of the basic movements.


Advanced – This represents a significant level of fitness that fewer people possess (though any healthy person can achieve it). You will have the capability to take on any and all physical challenges with confidence. You can demonstrate significant capacity in all 10 domains of physical fitness.

Expert – This level represents a highly skilled and well rounded athlete. This can require dedication and commitment on par with a professional athlete.

These levels are intended as a guide for evaluating your fitness and setting intelligent goals. This is not intended to be a picture of the end-all of fitness, but rather a measuring stick to determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t beat yourself up if you are not at the level you desire or where you think you should be. A strong commitment, good diet, and consistent, focused training will get you there soon enough!


Monthly Progress Check-In

Each month, we will conduct an Progress Check-In designed to assess your current ability and measure your progress towards your goals. It will consist of a having a few measurements taken, answering a couple of questions, and then an athlete skill level test. Remember, what gets measured gets managed. If you want to get better, you have to know exactly where you are first.

More details:

  • The check-in will be held on a monthly-basis, usually on the first Friday of the month. The classes on that day will usually run a bit longer (approximately 90 minutes).
  • Along with the athlete skill level test, we will be recording weight, bodyfat, and progress toward your stated goal (more details below)
  • You will need to pass the Beginner test to move to Intermediate, the Intermediate test to move to Advanced, and the Advanced test to move to Expert. This alone provides an excellent goal for your training!
  • The skills tested on the athlete level test will be announced one month ahead of time, giving you more time to prepare and work on any weaknesses.
  • The requirement to pass the test and move to the next level is eight out of nine skills, plus the met-con workout.
  • There are four levels to test: Beginner to Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced, Advanced to Expert, and Expert.
  • All athletes start at a Beginner level, and will be required to pass the test to move up to the next level.
  • To maintain the level you previously achieved, you must take and pass the athlete level test at least once per quarter. E.g. if you are an Intermediate athlete, you must take and pass the Beginner test once per quarter to maintain Intermediate status.
  • You will also be required to select and share a specific skill goal each month (selected from the athlete level sheet) and we will ask you about the progress each month on the previous month’s goal.
  • If you miss the testing day, you can book a private session to take the test at your convenience

So. When does this all kick off?

The first check-in date is Friday, February 28th. The test to assess your current level will be the following:

400m Run
Air squat / Pistol
Muscle up / Ring Dips
Back Squat
Clean and Jerk

(The number of reps and times required for a particular level are on the Athlete Levels document.)

The class programming is designed to prepare you to perform all of these movements to the best of your ability.

We will have more information posted at the gym as the date nears. If you have questions, please get in touch!

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