Happiness and Health

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Look, we know you want to be fitter (you probably want to be richer, too)…

But is it gonna make you happier?

Healthier, sure…but happier?

You’ve read plenty of stories of miserable billionaires, and seen enough insecure people with six packs and perfect butts on instagram to know that these things don’t bring the fulfillment they promise.

Don’t get us wrong, losing a few pounds or adding a few plates to your deadlift is awesome!

If those are your goals, we do everything we can to help you achieve them.

But achieving a particular goal will never make you as happy as doing something that helps improve your mood, health, and longevity every day.

Some of the happiest people we know (like Candice, or Edison, or Coach Heidi) accept that fitness is more of a practice than a goal. You have times when things go really well, and times when they don’t.

Learning to enjoy the process is a big part of making it something you WANT to do vs HAVE to do.

Here are three ways you can do that with your fitness program.

1 – Variety – We CRAVE novelty.  Change your routine, distance, or workouts as often as you can to keep yourself interested and motivated.

2 – Learning – Learning new things has been shown to increase happiness and even longevity. Make sure your practice teaches you new things or adds mastery to something you’ve already learned.

3 – Socializing – Doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert…Ultimately we all just want be around people who like us. You are more likely to want to go somewhere every day if you see people you know, like and trust when you get there. Find some friends and take them to the gym, on the trail, or to a class with you!

Make it a great week!

Coach “Happy Monday” Jay

PS – Of course, you can do all 3 in one shot by showing up for a class at Hale. Book a free intro to find out how.

PPS – Workouts for the week are below.


October 10th -November 11th: CF Games Open

With the new format of the CF Games, this will be the first time the Open is held in the Fall (these results lead to the 2020 season).

We will do the Open WOD in Friday class each week–workouts will be announced on Thursday afternoons, and we may update the weekend’s programming to adjust!

Expect: a fun chance to THROW DOWN on a “Perform” WOD each Friday. One of these should be a repeat (re-TEST!) of one you’ve done in the past. We will not be tracking points with Early Birds versus Night Owls, but you will have a fun time competing with yourself and your swolemates. Get it!

Registration online is optional.

PS. There are a few skills we are likely to see in the Open:

  • Overhead squats!
  • Advanced gymnastics: Bar Muscle Ups, Muscle Ups, Chest to Bar
  • Toes to bar
  • Double unders
  • STRICT gymnastics: HSPU, Pull Ups, Etc

You’ll see some of these more frequently in the programming, but if you’re looking to brush up, now would be a great time to schedule a few skills sessions. Email wendy@crossfithale.com to set these up!

Workouts for the Week


5 rounds for time of:
400-m run
30 push-ups
30 plate weighted sit-ups (35/25)

Shoulder and midline fatigue will be the name of the game today! Try to keep big but SOLID sets with quick rest. Try out varying hand position and/or hand release push ups to keep moving 🙂


A. Front Squat

Working up to a heavy double today! Something you KNOW you can hit for 1, but have to hold it together to hit the second.

Note your heaviest successful double.

B. Death By:
Burpee + Slam Ball
1 + 1
2 x (burpee + slam ball)

Each rep is a burpee w/slam ball at top, instead of jump + clap.

Go until you can’t! Goal is 10+ minutes. If you don’t quite make it, take a minute off, then resume for remaining time with # of reps you made minus one.

I.e. you finished minute 6, but missed 7 (but you tried!).

Take minute 8 off. For minutes 9 + 10, finish with 5 burpee + slam balls each!

Score is minute you completed in full, plus additional reps (6 minutes + 5 reps, for instance, if you didn’t finish!)


A. Warm Up:

15 minutes to complete:

3 Rounds:
12 banded pull aparts
5 strict pull ups
(pause in scap pull up, then continue)


3 Rounds:
12 seated see saw DB OH press (6/side)
30s RKC plank

B. Main

5 Rounds, starting every 3 minutes:
3 Wall Walks
50m 1-arm farmer’s carry (heavy!)
7 STRICT toes to bar

Working on strict midline and some unilateral work today. Go as heavy as able on the farmer’s carry (without leaning, that is!) Work up in weight if you need to. Note weight in score.

Scale to plank shoulder taps and strict leg raises as needed 🙂

C. Mobility

Triceps partner smash (2 mins/side)
Oblique smash (roll on D Ball or big ball–2 mins/side)


3 Rounds for total Rounds + Reps
5 min AMRAP:
12 DB OH walking lunges (1 x) 40/25
100m run
20 double-unders

Rest 3 mins

Start 2nd and 3rd AMRAP where you left off. ONE score of rounds + reps today.

Rx+: 50/35


Open WOD 19.6


Saturday–TRAIN–Subject to Change

In pairs, split the work. One person works at a time
1 mile run
30 Med Ball Cleans
40 Box Jumps
50 Toes to Bar
40 Box Jumps
30 Med Ball Cleans
2k Row


15 min AMRAP:
C2B pull ups
KB Swings
100m run between rounds

Muscle Ups
2-4-6-8-10 etc
KB Swings
100m run between rounds

Just because. Take today as more of a skills session. Increasing reps mean fatigue will slow you down. KB swings will make you question your grip, but the run should help 🙂

Choose a scaling today (for the pull up/muscle up) that’s something FUN for you to work on. Strict banded pull ups, etc.

Score is the round you finished (i.e. the round of 8s) plus additional reps

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