Hitting “reset” on Hale

Haleadjective = ˈhāl – retaining exceptional health and vigor

Halenoun – Hawaiian word for “house” or “home”

Hale is our healthy home.

It’s been 4 weeks since we opened our home again, and we’re so grateful to have you back. 

As we settle into this new world, it’s time for us to take a deep breath and focus on the future.

Hale is here to help you lose weight and get strong because we believe when you feel strong, capable and confident, you live a better life.

Anything we do that slows us down or stops us from our mission has to change.

In 6.5 years of business, we’ve created a bunch of policies, procedures, and membership options. During SIP, we created dozens of new ones.

We want to take a moment to clean all this up.

The pandemic has forced us to narrow our focus on the few things we can do really well for our members, coaches, and the survival of Hale. 

We are making the following changes to our memberships and policies to clarify our offer, make sure everyone is on the same page, and allow us to focus all our effort on improving the depth and quality of our service. 

  • One price for group classes – $209/mo or prepaid $2299/yr
    • All group class memberships (in person, online, teens) will be month to month @ $209 per month or 1 year prepaid at $2299 per person.
  • What about me? 
    • If you’re currently paying more than $209/mo, your monthly rate will go down to $209/mo starting Aug 1st 
    • If you’re on an older membership and paying less than $209/mo, your membership rates will go up to $209/mo or $2299/yr starting Jan 1st, 2021. 
    • If you’re currently on a prepaid membership, these rates don’t impact you until the end of your current term. Example, if you just renewed on May 2020, you won’t be subject to any changes until May of 2021
    • If you’re on a 2x or 3x/week membership, your rates and membership options will move to unlimited per the rules above
    • If you’re on an active 12 month contract, it will be a month to month agreement effective Aug 1.
    • If you’re currently doing “40 days to fit” you will have the option to continue your group class membership at $209/mo
  • What do I get?
    • A group class membership gets you access to all classes (including strength and conditioning, teens, metcon, mobility, online), workouts, members only groups/emails, and any future specialty classes/courses. 
  • What if I do personal coaching/nutrition coaching?
    • All 1:1 coaching will move to results-based personal coaching, replacing our hourly offer. This includes 1:1 training, nutrition, mobility, personal programming, etc. You set a goal, we help you get results.
    • Current 1:1 clients and nutrition clients will work with their coaches to transition to this model by October 1st.
  • Are there other changes?
    • We’re eliminating membership holds. This includes prepaid memberships (upon renewal).
    • Starting Aug 1st, we will restrict access to our workouts, SugarWod, online classes and replays to active members only.
    • We will limit our group class memberships to 150 people to ensure class quality and capacity based on our current restrictions.
    • All monthly membership billing will renew automatically. We do not offer refunds for any reason. Cancellations must be requested 5 days before the next billing date using a form on the site. – https://crossfit.typeform.com/to/Z68J5m
  • Why $209/mo? 
    • $209/mo is the average membership rate across all active members for group classes across all of our membership options. This change means everyone will pay the same rate for the same service. 
  • Will the price change again in the future?
    • All products and services do. We will keep these changes to a minimum (our last one was 2.5 years ago), and make sure you will have plenty of notice so there’s time to adjust your budget.
  • I’m not a member, how to I join?
    • Email us at info@halefitness.com, or text us at (510) 225-9196
  • I have more questions or concerns.
    • Bring them with you to the Haley show on Monday at 7:30am PST. You can watch it live here at 7:30am.

Policies and procedures are not our favorite thing to talk about, so I hope this simple model makes things clearer and easier as you continue your journey with us.

We know you have a choice of gyms, programs, and exercise you can follow. We appreciate you choosing Hale as your healthy home.

With Love and appreciation.

Coach Jay

PS – Workouts for the week are below. Future workouts for the week will be on SugarWod. In addition to seeing the workout of the day, you’ll also get a link to a spreadsheet with the workouts for the whole week. If you aren’t using SugarWod and are an active member, download it here and add yourself to the gym Hale Fitness.


Outdoor Workout–Saturday, 7/25, 7:55am

Meet at Cougar Field (Albany Middle School) at 7:55am (or a few minutes early). Bring one pair of moderate weight DBs, a yoga mat or towel, and wear layers. Guests welcome. We’ll adjust for whatever equipment you have (or even if you don’t!)

Online workout schedule change

We’re moving our 5:45 live stream to 9:30am on MWF starting July 27th. We will record this stream so you can watch the replays. Attendance at 5:45am was low, but plenty of you were watching the replays.

This means you’ll have live streaming classes daily at 7am and 4pm, and MWF at 9:30am.

The full online schedule and replays will be updated here – https://crossfithale.com/haleathome/

Class Sign Up Updates

  • You can sign up for classes here – https://halefitness.pike13.com/schedule
  • If you sign up and need to cancel, please do so online with 24 hours notice. We’ve had incidents with no shows and last minute cancellations that are unfair to people who couldn’t get in.

Workouts for the Week


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
Alternating Tabata
Hang from Pull Up Bar
T Push Ups

Then, 2x:
10 arm circles
10 cossack squats
10 jumping squats

This is a scheduled back off week from Back Squats. Hit this workout hard!

5 Rounds:
In 2:30 minutes Perform:
2 Rounds Strict Cindy then
Max Reps Barbell Movement

Rest 1 Minute Between Rounds

Round 1: Power Cleans
Round 2: Front Squats
Round 3: Hang Squat Cleans
Round 4: Power Clean and Jerks
Round 5: Clusters

1 Round of “Strict Cindy”:
5 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats

4 Rounds:
20 seconds Flutter Kick
20 seconds Toe Touches
20 seconds Reverse Crunch
20 seconds Bicycle
20 seconds Rest

De-load from back squats this week–hit this workout HARD! Each round of Cindy should be about 45-50s if you’re moving quickly. Transitions matter here… STRAIGHT to push ups, squats, etc, and get your hands on the barbell IMMEDIATELY! You’re realistically going to have time for one big set on the barbell, so aim to keep moving the entire 30s or so.


Warm Up:
200m Jog, then:

3 Rounds:
10 (banded) good mornings
5 6-point burpees
20 skips in place (high knee)

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
9 Burpees to a Plate
15:00 hard cap

Cool Down:
2 mins/side glute smash

You have to push the pace on the runs to beat the cap here. There’s a little cushion for running downstairs, etc, but shoot for a sub 2:00 run 🙂


Strength & Conditioning

Same as Monday!


Warm Up:
6 min AMRAP:
10 up downs
10 groiners
20 high skips in place

2 mins/side couch stretch


Every 2:00 for 8 Sets
200m Run
20 Alternating Lunges

Score is slowest time

Cool Down:
2 mins/side bone saw

This one is so very simple. Goal is to hit the run HARD. The lunges are a little salt in the wound. You should have about :30s rest each round–if the run is taking you more than :50s, cut back a bit. If the lunges are taking you past time, cut those back so you have some rest!


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
6 min EMOM:
min 1: 10 jumping jacks + 10 good mornings
min 2: 10 squat jacks + 20 plank shoulder taps


In Pairs (Partner A works while B does static hold)

In 20 minutes perform as many rounds as reps as possible:

50 Ball Slams/OH Plate Hold
100 Double Unders/ Hollow Hold
50 Deadlifts/Deadlift Hold
100 Double Unders/Hollow Hold

Partner A may only work while Partner B stays in hold. Switch after each break.

At Home Variation:
25 Ground to Overhead
1 min Overhead Hold
50 Double Unders/Singles/Mountain Climbers
1 min Hollow Hold
25 Dumbbell Suitcase Deadlift
1 minute Farmers Hold
50 Double Unders/Singles/Mountain Climbers
1 minute Hollow Hold
*1 minute holds are accumulative. You can break the reps and holds into sets e.g. 10 Deadlifts then 30s Farmers Hold.

Alternate with your buddy as often as needed–the person holding the static position may need rest sooner than expected, ESPECIALLY on the hollow holds. Success depends on your ability to breathe–as you’re holding position, count down number of BIG breaths you take to help manage fatigue. Bonus points for awesome air-fives as you transition


Warm Up:
Alternating Tabata:
Burpees (SLOW!) + Plate Ground to OH

10 strict DB press
10 air squats


7 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
24 Double Unders
12 DB Clean & Jerk

-Rest 2:00-

5 minutes as many rounds & reps as possible:
20 Double Unders
8 DB Clean & Jerk

-Rest 2:00-

3 minutes as many rounds and reps as possible:
16 Double-Unders
4 DB Clean & Jerk

Score is rounds and reps for each set

Cool Down:
2 mins/side deltoid smash

Three separate intervals today–same movements, but fewer reps means you should be able to match rounds, or at least get close! If double unders aren’t your thing, spend no more than 30s practicing (preferred to single unders). Sub 2x the number of plate hops or jumping jacks as needed.


Strength & Conditioning

Same as Wednesday!


Warm Up:
3 Rounds:
10 PVC/banded pass throughs
20 plank shoulder taps
5/side woodpecker stretch


3 Rounds:

1 minute as many rounds & reps as possible
MAX shuttle runs

-Rest 1:00-

3 minute as many rounds & reps as possible
10 Push-Ups
15 Sit-Ups

-Rest 1:00-

Cool Down:
2 mins/side pec smash

The shuttle runs are a short burst of cardio. Burn it DOWN! If not running, let’s go mountain climbers. Get your heart rate lit!! The 3 minutes of sit ups and push ups should be enough to hit fatigue both on abs and arms. Aim for a big set of push ups to start each round and keep chipping away and 2s, 3s whatever you need to get through the reps


Strength & Conditioning

Warm Up:
Fish game (or 800m run/4:00)

Then, 2 Rounds:
10 deadlifts
10 front squats
10 strict press
10 good mornings
10 back squats
10 behind the neck press (in front if mobility needs)

Strength (SKILL!):

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes perform 1 Bear Complex

Build weight each minute. Rest a minute as needed

Bear Complex:
• 1 Power Clean
• 1 Front Squat
• 1 Push Press
• 1 Back Squat
• 1 Push Press

You must hold on to the bar for the entire round.

Have so much fun with the bear complex! Focus on your weakest movement–if the clean usually gets you, NAIL your landing. If the push press is your weak spot, make sure you keep heels down, chest up on the dip! Work up to a heavy but not sketchy top rep!

Every Minute on the minute for 16 minutes alternate between:

Min 1: Run 200m
Minute 2: 3-5 Bear complexes (light weight)
Minute 3: Max Calories on Rower
Minute 4: Rest

Score is calories each round

Weight on the bear complex should be manageable enough that you can cycle through 3 rounds (if a moderate weight), or up to 5 if you’re focusing on empty bar/practice or feeling beat up. You should have enough time to transition the the rower.

Think of it this way–hit the run at a “metcon” pace. Not all out, but pushing. Keep the bear complex SMOOTH. If it gets raggedy, slow it down. The row? Yeah, burn it down. You’ll have rest after this, so go hard (say 80% in round one) and try to maintain that number of calories through each additional interval.

Some benchmarks… if your usual 500m time =:
1:45 or less: 18-20+
1:50-1:55 or so: 15-18
2:00-2:10 or so: 12ish
2:15-2:30: 10-12…


Warm Up:
200m jog, then:

3 Rounds:
10 kang squats
10 groiners
5 broad jumps


For Time:
Slam Balls
Air Squats

Alternating Tabata:
A. Left/Right Side Plank
B. Flutter Kicks in Hollow/Arch

Cool Down:
2 mins/side quad smash

Metcon should be FAST! Aim to go unbroken. Slam balls should be quick but smooth… push through the burn on the squats–as the reps drop back down, this should feel more manageable!


Strength & Conditioning

Albany Middle School (Cougar Field) at 7:55am. Bring a PAIR of moderate weight dumbbells if possible. We’ll scale accordingly with whatever you have.

Warm Up:
Alternating Tabata:
High Knees + Cossack Squats

Alternating Tabata:
Inchworm & Push Up + Jumping Squats


For Time
800 meter Run
30 Devil Presses
800 meter Run
40 Dumbbell Forward + Backward Lunges
800 meter Run
50 Dumbbell Front Squats

Time Cap: 25 minutes

Forward + back lunge = one of each for ONE rep

Each 800m today will feel like more of a battle. The Devil’s Press will be tough to recover from if you don’t have a breathing strategy. Breathe early and OFTEN. Maybe sets of 3 reps with a breath between?! Your goal is to keep jogging/running the entire 800m each time! Try to hit the lunges/squats in no more than 2-3 sets. Go!


Mobility! Go to class or watch online.

If you need another workout, pick a MetCon you’ve missed from earlier in the week.

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