Meet Mike

Mike was looking for a program that would allow him to improve his overall strength but keep his speed and agility. With a background in tennis, swimming, and soccer, Mike came to CrossFit Hale as a fast and agile athlete. Having dabbled in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and competitive kettlebells in the past he wanted to increase his strength but didn’t have a lot of extra time to spend in the gym focused exclusively on those disciplines. He also didn’t want to sacrifice his any of his speed in exchange for that strength.

Since joining, Mike has:

  • Gained 7-8 pounds of muscle while dropping body fat by 2-3%
  • Added an average of 20 pounds to the weight he’s lifting in most of his workouts
  • Learned over 7 new skills (headstand, double-unders, muscle up, handstand pushup to name a few)

Mike credits our coaching and programming with his ability to get stronger and more technically proficient without losing any speed.  By consistently doing our workouts, he is able to closely measure his progress and push himself to gain more strength all within 5-6 hours a week.

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