Personal Coaching

personal crossfit coaching on the lungeOur personal coaching takes the same ideas we focus on in our group classes (kettlebell training, olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, sports training, and cardio) with a hyper-focus on your personal needs.

Our sessions are 60 mins, and includes warm up, stretching/mobility, and coaching through the movements of the day. This is followed by a workout and a wrap up. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form, range of motion, and intensity, helping you scale to fit your needs and ability level.

The key difference is in the focus on your specific needs and goals.  Your program can be customized to suit, and your coach will spend more time and focus on the progressions and movements you need an struggle with.

You may prefer personal coaching if you:

  • Have specific injuries or needs you’d like to address
  • Prefer the accountability provided by a 1:1 coach
  • Prefer the time, attention, and accountability of a personal coach
  • Have scheduling challenges with our group sessions
  • Have specific performance goals

Expert coaching on the squatIf you are a current athlete at Hale and would like to try personal coaching.  Contact us or call us at 510-225-9196 for more details and to schedule your first session.

If you are just getting started, and would like to kick things off with personal coaching, we offer a Fundamentals program which will give you a background of the movements, the nutrition, and all the other lifestyle factors you need to address in order to improve your fitness. Click the link below to learn more and sign up.

This is one of the many services we offer at Hale. To find out more, check out our getting started page to book an appointment or contact us. – Click here

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