The CrossFit Hale Throwdown

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Last year, scared shitless, I signed up for my first CrossFit competition, the 707 throwdown.

Check out workout 1 below. It had an 8 minute cutoff, and before I started warming up, I wasn’t even sure if I could do one rep of the thrusters.

my journal from the throwdown

Just get a rep or two


One of the first in from the run, you’ve got this!
First thruster…. oh man.
Second thruster…ouch! ok, you can get through 3
Third… NO REP! Shit!

15 secs in and already a failed rep.

“Let’s go Heidi… deep breath…get set, get tight, go again….get it locked out overhead.” -Jay’s voice

“Good rep” – Judge’s voice
A few more reps down, 8 to go. you can get through the first round.

8 more reps, back to the run, 25# never felt so light! New goal: get through round 2

Slowly, I chipped away, and by the 8 min cutoff, I was 3 reps shy of finishing. You CAN do this

I feared the worst going into the Throwdown last year.

Will I finish dead last?
I just started, will I be able to do the workouts?
Will I embarass myself?

Heidi getting her thrusters during workout 1

Over the course of 4 workouts, I learned:

  1. Everyone else is also scared shitless.
  2. I’m capable of so much more when I face my fears.
  3. It’s a TEAM event! Everyone (coaches, judges, fellow competitors) cheers each other on and only wants you to do your best.
  4. Finishing last is ok, as long as I don’t give up

That throwdown changed my training and my outlook. Afterwards, I stopped scaling down when I didn’t need to, I started going for it on daily workouts, and I began attacking my weaknessess.

I had put myself to the test, and it was so much more rewarding than I had imagined.

How will you test yourself?

The Hale Throwdown

Hale Throwdown


Our first ever in-house competition and challenge.
4-5 workouts throughout the day, CrossFit style with movements you know and love.
RX – competition – see how you stack up
SCALED – challenge – can you survive?


April 11th 8am–4pm at CrossFit Hale on Jacuzzi st in Richmond


A maximum of 60 athletes from CrossFit Hale and CrossFit 707


Cost – $50. Includes the event with live scoring and judging, our all-new Hale t-shirt, celebratory drinks afterward, and a day full of fun.

Food – Cooked and available for purchase on site, provided by Boffo Cart & Daleo Foods.

Gym/Parking – We’ll be adding tons of equipment, closing off part of the parking lot, and offering a warm up area, etc. There will be parking on site, but the main lot will be closed for the competition…it’s gonna be kind of a big deal! 🙂

Spectators – Free and encouraged

Workouts – CrossFit style WOD’s between 5–20 mins. Including the movements you know and love from your daily training. This is not the CrossFit Games, so you won’t be seeing muscle ups, handstand push ups, or 225 lb clean and jerks. The competition will be broad, general, and inclusive, based on your abilities.

Examples of the type of things you may see can be found here, here, or here.

Guidelines – Choose Rx’ed if you want to compete, feel confident in most movements, and can do some or all of the daily workouts as prescribed.

Choose Scaled (challenge) if you do most of the daily workouts scaled, or aren’t interested in competing, but just want to see if you can do it.

If you are on the fence, go for Rx’ed, you may surprise yourself.

Ask your coach if you need further guidance. Note, your coach will NOT tell you what the workouts are going to be (nice try).

Sign up:

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Final deadline for sign up is April 6th.

Join us, it’s gonna be amazing!

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