Meet Tina

tina smileTina has been called “the enforcer” among the coaches and members, but she’s not always been so fit. Before she started taking CrossFit seriously, she was downing mochas and eating croissants every morning and hiding from the scale…until a wake up call from her doctor.

Hear the story of how Coach Tina struggled with her weight after giving birth to our daughter. You’ll also hear how she lost 20+ lbs and what she did to lose the weight and get her fitness life on track.

Listen to hear the story of her initial struggle, what she did to get past it, and how she ended up in better shape 12 months post-partum than she was before pregnancy.

In this episode, you will learn

  • How the best laid plans for post pregnancy fitness went out the window
  • The common excuses you are using to justify your sugary snacks and crappy eating
  • How Tina’s wake up call finally forced her to change
  • How it felt when she finally went to the gym
  • The nutrition plan Tina used to drop 15 lbs in 30 days, and how you can use it to reach your own goals.
  • What it’s like to feel lost in a class, even when you feel like you’re ‘supposed’ to know what’s going on
  • The tips she learned that you can use to start or enhance your own journey

Links and Resources for this episode

  • The No Excuses challenge – Nutrition/lifestyle challenge. Essentially what Tina did to start
  • CrossFit Thames – Our London gym
  • 12 days of CrossFit – our yearly event with 12 workouts in 12 days
  • Whole 30 – a free resource to try a 30 day challenge
  • MissFit – Women’s fitness at CrossFit Hale. A great way for new mothers to start without weights or complicated movements.

Tina before and After

Click here to read a transcript of the podcast.

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