Meet Sean

Sean has always been an athletic person. He grew up playing baseball and in high school played football, and track and field. When he graduated high school I went into the army where morning PT was mandatory. After leaving the army, he spent his time doing the whole “normal” gym routine of some treadmill and lifting weights. Spending all my free time in the gym this way quickly became old and boring.

One Saturday in 2013, his wife Roxanne went to the local CrossFit gym in their neighborhood. When she got home she looked at him and said, “You gotta go try this. Quick, they still have open gym for two more hours!”

He went in and my first CrossFit workout was a scaled version of Fran. Needless to say, he was hooked! CrossFit not only challenged him, but it kept him interested since no two days’ training are the same.

He and his wife joined the Hale family and he eventually made moves towards the CrossFit Hale coaching internship program. He has always enjoyed helping people, and being able to help someone achieve their fitness goals and feel good about themselves is why he does what he does so well!

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