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No more excuses

You have probably heard us say, getting in shape is really simple, you just have to eat well, train well, and recover.

Doesn’t mean it’s easy…

Life just gets in the way and bad habits take over.

Any time you are unhappy with how you look, feel, or perform, you become the world champion of excuses, right?

You’ll have to fight me for that title, cause my list is long…

– My daughter are going back to school
– my son’s day care is on vacation
– the weather sucks
– when the weather sucks, it’s hard to sleep
– work has been crazy
– i’ve said yes to too many things!
– etc etc etc

Ugh…don’t you hate excuses? It’s even worse when you are giving them to yourself!

How can you replace excuses with results??

Let’s assume you want into better shape.

⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ This IS your goal, right? Seriously…just because you think you SHOULD, doesn’t mean you actually WANT to…Make sure this is something you actually care about before you take the steps below.

You need 3 things.

1) You gotta figure out WHAT to do.

This is something we can help you with.

—>Eat well —> Meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar

—> Train well —> Squat, lift, run, jump, pull, push, play on a regular basis (at least 3-5 days per week)

—> Recover —> Sleep at least 7 hours

2) You have to CLEAR THE PATH to doing it

—> Make eating easy by preparing meals ahead of time, ordering meals delivered, having healthy food in your house, or having a list of “go to” places you can eat out

—> have a “done for you” training program that exposes you to all the exercise you need

—> Set up your life to get to bed at the same time every night

3) You need something to hold you accountable so you actually DO IT!!

Things like:
—> A training partner (or partners)
—> A sport or competition you need to be in shape for
—> A scale you step on at a regular interval
—> A party you need to fit into a dress for


This is why we do the No Excuses challenge.

For the next six weeks, we will give you all the knowledge you need, remove as many barriers as possible, and hold you accountable to improving the way you look, feel, and perform.

We start with a baseline measurement of your body fat and muscle mass, as well as a workout to determine where you’re at.

The first week, we focus on showing up to train, getting to bed at the right time, and developing better food habits to produce the best results. This will be your “practice” week.

Once you’ve established WHAT to do, you start being held accountable. You’ll be assigned a partner and during week two, if you DON’T do what you said you’d do, you’ll have to pay a burpee penalty.

Throughout the challenge, we’ll be sending you information to help make the process easier for you, including recipes, meal delivery services, restaurant lists, workouts you can do at home, and a little motivation here and there to keep you on track.

At the end, we’ll take our measurements again and celebrate your progress with a party!

It starts on Monday Sept 18th and costs $69, and is perfect for you if you need a reset or if you’re starting for the first time.

You’ve only got a couple days to get yourself signed up.

If you’re in, just reply and say “I’m IN”

Coach “i’m in” Jay

PS – if you’re already in, look out for more details about what to eat and partner assignments in the next two days.

PPS – if you have questions or aren’t sure if it’s for you, reply and let me know.

Welcome back, welcome back

Wel…come baaack

I’ve finally figured out why there’s so much traffic in September.


Vacations are done, summer almost over, and school is in session.

At Hale, we are preparing some cool stuff to welcome you and your family back to the gym (especially if it’s been a while).

Here’s what’s happening.


Gymnastics with a pro

For 6 weeks, starting Wed Aug 30 at 7:30, Mark Freeman, assistant coach at Cal gymnastics, will be joining us for some gymnastic skill sessions. The focus is going to be on things like handstands, ring work, pulling, etc. It’s suitable for ALL levels of people who want to learn some new techniques and improve strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

ALL of your coaches will be attending this session, so during the 6 weeks, we will have open gym sessions at 7:30pm on Wednesdays for anyone who wants to do the workouts (but no classes)

Mark is a world class gymnast, cirque du soleil performer, and most recently has worked with hundreds of regular people like you and me to help them gain gymnastic skill.

In a test session he did with us, he got us all upside down in freestanding handstands in 90 mins.

It’s only $150 for 6 weeks, you do NOT want to miss this.

Sign up now by replying here and saying “I’m in”!


MissFit challenge

Our next Missfit Challenge starts Sept 11. It’s 6 weeks of training, including goal setting sessions, InBody scans, and accountability for nutrition.

We’ve learned a few things about the RIGHT way to run a challenge, and there are a few changes we’ve put in place to make sure you get the maximum results during the 6 weeks.

Click below to find out more and get yourself signed up


Masters class (50+)

One of our most popular requests has been for a class focused on the needs of people 50+, so we are exploring the idea of doing a Masters program focused on strength, mobility, and improving body function

IN order to do this properly, however, we need your feedback. If this is something you might be interested in, please fill out our survey below and let us know your thoughts about times, things to cover, and how you want this thing run.

Click here for the survey.


No excuses challenge

September is also when we start our No Excuses challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge designed to help you clean up your diet, get more consistent with your training, and look after your sleep and recovery.

This year, Inbody scans before and after, and a video course to help spice it up and keep you on track.

We do a baseline workout at the beginning and end, and finish with a party to wrap it all up.

The whole thing starts Sept 19, and it’s $69 to participate.

Sign up by replying and saying “Im in!”


Labor day

Sept 4, Labor day, we’re running 8 and 9am classes only, Mark it down!


Other stuff

—> The new morning schedule is 5:45 and 6:45am. Thank you morning folks for helping out with our experiment

—> For August, we made a few changes in the programming, did you notice?
In the CrossFit Classes, we’ve focused a bit more on strength and skill, with simple workouts to finish, and the MissFitters have had a bit more quality time with the barbell.

If you loved it (or hated it) reply and let me know what you think

—> We are considering a 4:30pm class, would that work for you? Reply and let us know!


That’s it for now, hope you’re having a great day!

Coach Jay

Summertime fun

Will get straight to the point, you’ve got a LOT going on this summer, and so do we!

Here are some of the upcoming events/announcements for the summer.

—> Updated class schedule:

We are going to do a TRIAL of 5:30 and 6:30am classes starting Monday for two weeks. This means that 6am will move to 5:30am, and 7am will move to 6:30am.

As this is a trial, we want your feedback on how it works. During the week of Aug 7, we’ll ask you how it went, and make a call as to whether to continue or not.

In addition, we’re putting 7:30pm class on trial. At times, we’ve had 2 or 3 in this one, and don’t want to run it if you’re not interested. If you want to keep this class, show up for it the next two weeks. If we average 5 or more in this class, it stays. If not, it gets replaced with other stuff.

—> Updates to programming:

Overwhelming feedback you’ve given us is you want to get STRONGER…so next week, you’ll see a bit more strength showing up in the CrossFit Classes.

We’ve integrated a bit more strength in the MissFit classes recently, and this won’t change, but the program for the classes during the week will be different, so you’ll have two options for workouts.

—> Summer BBQ and the CrossFit Games.

Next Friday Aug 4th at 5:30pm, we’ll be holding a summer BBQ/potluck and CrossFit Games viewing party.

Classes will be at 4:30 and 5:30pm (no 6:30pm class), and the program for these will be written by the TEENS who finish our first ever teen summer camp. Come out and see what they have in store for you.

In addition, (soon to be) award winning grill master David F will be providing the main dish of ribs for you to enjoy after your workout while you watch the fittest on earth throw down on tv during the 2017 CrossFit Games!

TONS of other stuff going on, here is a rapid fire

—> Summer of Skills – Just over a month of summer left, get yourself on the list to learn how to do your first pull up, olympic lift, double unders, or handstands. Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board, or you can reply to this email

—> Goal setting – Your coaches have been reaching out to get you scheduled, we’ll be done in 2 weeks, so if you haven’t heard from us, reply and let me know!

—> Open water swim – Aug 11 at the Berkeley Marina, join us for a private lesson in a safe environment – Sign up at the front.

—> Upcoming – No excuses challenge in September, a Masters course, a Hale camping trip, our next MissFit challenge, and more!

Want to do something NOT on this list? Reply and let me know!

Coach Jay

PS – Are you a parent who has considered bringing your kid to Hale?

We are doing a survey to get feedback on how to improve our kids/teens program, check it out here –

Nothing nice

Are you a “nice person?”

If you’re like me, every time you say something that pisses someone off, you justify it by saying to yourself

“I’m really a nice guy, they just don’t understand”

After using this bullsh*t line with a friend the other day, he said:

“if you have to say ‘I’m really a nice guy’, you’re not”

Damn…He’s right.

I’m NOT nice.

It’s not like you go out of your way to be MEAN.

Berating people or insulting their mothers isn’t a good plan.

But…who wants to be nice?

Nice people don’t rock the boat.

Tell you want to hear instead of the truth.

Are afraid to say “no” (much easier to agree rather than cause conflict)


You don’t want that in a coach.

You want someone who will tell you the truth

“fix your squat or you will wreck your knee”

“take some of that weight off until your form improves”

“You can’t outwork a bad diet, stop eating like crap”

Being “nice” won’t help you make real progress.

In fact…think about it.

How many people in your life have had the courage to tell you the truth?

Bet you can count them on one hand.

You might not have LIKED it, but it’s what you NEEDED.

When you’re trying to improve any skill or reach a goal, you don’t need the validation that comes from nice people.

You need useful feedback you can use to improve.

AKA, the truth.

Do you have a goal that requires some hard truths?

Come by and see us and let’s talk about it. Make an appointment to see us here –

Coach “no nice guy” Jay

PS – Member goal setting is happening all this month. If your coach hasn’t reached out to you, reply and let me know.

The pendulum of life

You ever feel like you’re just “going through it?”

Nothing is going right, you’re failing left and right, the people in your life are letting you down…or things out of your control are happening.

In helping a friend going through this recently, I was reminded of an analogy I’ll share with you.

“Life, growth, and achievement work like a pendulum. On one side you have failure, rejection, pain and sadness. But on the other side, you have success, victory, joy and happiness.”

“Over time, most people figure out how to operate in a narrow comfort zone. They only allow the pendulum to swing a small distance into pain and rejection and failure; thus, they only experience the same small degree of joy and success on the other side.”

– Darren Hardy, from The entrepreneur roller coaster

Whether you’re way down or way up, eventually the pendulum will swing back to the other side.

But the real juice of this analogy is when you start to think to yourself….

if I REALLY want to be successful, I have to go out and FAIL.

Your biggest successes and happiness always have a close relation to your biggest failures.

In the gym, if you’re trying to learn how to do a pull up, you’re going to have to fail a whole bunch of times before you finally find success.

Even if your goal is to lose 15 lbs, you’re probably NOT going to get it right the first time.

What if the next time you’re aiming to reach a goal or learn a skill, you look for ways to FAIL at it?

Each failure can take you one step closer to success, and the pendulum will swing back the other way.

If you are looking for a way to succeed (or fail) at getting fit, come see us –
Coach “keep swinging” Jay

PS – Goal setting sessions are here! Your coach will reach out to you directly to schedule. We can’t wait to meet with you.

All the skills

You ever wish you could just nail down that one skill?

Back when I started, it was pull ups. Every time they came up in a workout it was like:

“Sigh, i have to scale this one…maybe I should take a rest day”

Eventually, after working on the skills (and NOT taking those rest days), I got it…

but until I started doing some extra research and practicing it on my own, I never really nailed it.

It was a lesson that with the right drills, and a few mins each week, you can nail any skill.

Easier said than done…what if you don’t have the time to geek out on youtube videos and read long articles about kipping.

We’ve got something for you…

Welcome to the Summer of skills!

We have put together a series of courses designed to help you get to that next level on gymnastics, lifting, or even double unders!

These courses include small group coaching (most groups are limited to 4 ppl) to focus on your needs, skills and drills to improve in small chunks, and homework between the sessions to help you improve over time.

Best of all, we will run the courses around YOUR schedule.

Check out the skills below!

Basic gymnastics – 3 x 30 mins over 3 weeks – $39 (3-4 ppl) – Get your first pull up.

Intermediate gymnastics – 3 x 30 mins over 3 weeks – $39 (3-4 ppl) – Learn how to do kipping pull ups, chest to bar, and toes to bar –

Advanced gymnastics – 3 x 30 mins over 3 weeks – $39 (3-4 ppl) – Get your first Muscle up (or improve it) –

Basic oly lifting – 4 x 60 mins over 4 weeks – $79 (3-4 ppl) – Get comfortable with the snatch and clean and jerk. Learn the basic mechanics to help with your workouts

Advanced oly lifting – 6 x 60 mins over 6 weeks – $119 (3-4 ppl) – Go beyond the basics and refine your technique so you hit the lifts every time.

Hale Strength – 6 x 60 mins over 6 weeks – $119 (4-8 ppl) – Get strong! Focus on the basic lifts (squat, press, deadlift) that build lasting strength.

Double unders – 3 x 30 mins over 3 weeks – $39 (3-4 ppl) – Quit whipping yourself with the damn rope! Nail down these buggers so you never avoid them again.


Here’s how it works.

1) Pick the course you want.

2) Reply and let me know which one, or sign up on the sheet at the gym.

3) Once we have 2-3 other folks interested, we will email all of you to schedule the best times for the sessions.

4) Dominate.

Questions? Reply and let me know.

Coach “SOS” Jay

PS – Do you have skills you want to learn that AREN’T on this list? reply and tell me that too!

Workout of the Day for 5-17-17


20 min alt EMOM:
20/15 cal row


10 RFT:
15 wall balls
100m run

Searching for inspiration…

What do you do when you need inspiration?

When you’re down and need to be cheered up.

When things aren’t going the way you planned.

You find out you’re further away than you’ve ever been.

Or you just plain fail…

For me, it’s the gym.

No matter how bad you feel, you can always pick up some weights, run a little, or drop some sweat and you’ll feel better.

But it hasn’t always been that way…

Back in my 24 hour fitness and golds gym days, going to the gym was a big challenge

It feels like your only job at those places is to NOT LOOK STUPID.

You have to either prove you know what you’re doing, or psych yourself up to not care what anybody thinks.

When you feel like you’re being watched or judged, going to the gym SUCKS.

But when you find a place that feels like home…

Where you aren’t being judged…

Where it’s ok to be “out of shape”

Where people are just happy to see you.

You are inspired…

And when you get there, If people are hitting their goals and setting new personal records like they were doing last week…

You want to be a part of it as often as you can!

Repeat this enough and combine it with the right program, and you can find yourself in amazing shape.

Need some inspiration to show up today?

Check out some of the amazing stuff Halers did last week on instagram here.

Coach “show up and be inspired” Jay

PS – Looking for a place you can be inspired every day? Come and meet us and find out how we can help!


Workout of the Day for 5-16-17


Back squat


15 minute AMRAP:
200m run
20 walking lunges
15 sit ups
10 push ups

Hale teens summer camp

I never went to summer camp as a kid.

If you weren’t part of a church or boy scouts, your options were pretty limited back in the day.

Now, there’s a camp for any interest…basketball, soccer, space, even camping!

As a parent, you’re essentially looking for two things in a camp.

1) Will it be fun and useful for my child…will they enjoy it AND actually learn something?

2) Will get them out of the house?

⌃⌃⌃⌃ this should be 1a

But most camps will give you both of these.

So when we started planning the Hale Teens summer camp, we focused on what WE would have wanted a camp to be when we were younger.

Here’s what we came up with.

CrossFit Hale Teens Summer Camp
Ages 12-16
July 31 – August 4, 2017
9am – 4pm, bring your own lunch
$399 (limited to 8-15 teens total)

This Summer Camp will focus on having fun while increasing ability in the 10 fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

Youth will not only improve athletically, but in other areas of wellness by learning about the functionality of nutrition, positive body image messages, mindfulness, and mobility.

Hale teens will discover how to be well-rounded and prepared for anything that life might throw at them. This learning will take place in the form of games, skills work, workouts, obstacle courses, presentations, and hands-on activities.

The last day of camp, all of CrossFit Hale will do a workout or obstacle course that the teens create for us as from what they learn about workout programming!

Some of the things they will cover
–> Olympic Lifting
–> Gymnastics
–> Swimming
–> Endurance
–> History of CrossFit
–> Nutrition & Cooking
–> Obstacle Course
–> Skills Games
–> Positive Body Image
–> Recovery and Mobility

The camp will meet at CrossFit Hale, but will also be held at various locations throughout the neighborhood (the swimming pool, the beach, a restaurant).

You’ll be working with the coaches you know and love from Hale, but also some of the best coaches from different disciplines all over the East bay.

It has a minimum of 8 teens and a max of 15.

To sign up, reply to this email and let us know you’re in, or email us at and we will get you signed up.

The spots will fill up quickly, so let us know ASAP!

Coach Jay


-Assessments This week May 8th-13th–show up every day!
-This week: 7:30pm classes Monday-Thursday basic barbell + metcon
-“Stacks” — Mom’s event on Sat, May 13th — mom/pancake themed workouts that day with pancakes at 9am. Kids are welcome!

Workout of the Day for 4-11-17

CrossFit & MissFit:

A. Ring Dips
B. HS Hold
C. Rope Climb

D. “Helen” (20 mins)
400m run
21 KB Swings
12 Pull Ups

7:30pm class basic barbell + metcon:

A. Hang Power Snatch

B. 3 Rounds For Time:
10 Hang Power Snatch
15 Push Ups
20 Walking Lunges
250m Row

The cinco linkos

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Let’s jump right into the links!

What we’re listening to – How I Built this – a podcast about how companies are formed and the stories behind them.

You will find some of your favs in here, like Kate Spade, Zappos, Virgin, and more.

What’s making us laugh – Chappelle show – The best sketch ever in memory of Charlie Murphy – the Rick James Story (warning, this is explicit)

Coaching Tip of the week – Walk straight! Many of our knee and hip injuries can be traced back to our foot position.

Walking or running with your toes pointed out (or duck feet) puts a lot of pressure on the knee in a poor position, which leads to worn out maniscus and ACL tears in the long run.

A simple fix is to be conscious of the direction your feet go when you walk.

Point your toes forward, squeeze your butt as your foot passes under your body, and repeat.

Here’s Kelly Starrett with more info on this – check the video.

What we’re reading – The Magic of thinking Big David Schwartz

The title says it all. When you really think about it, the most successful people you know don’t have more hours in the day than you do…often they don’t even work harder than you.

The only difference in many cases is how much risk they are willing to take, and how big they are willing to go.

This book has some great step by step guides on how you can think bigger in your life.

Where we’re going – Bowling and Hotsy

Going down tonight! Even if you can’t make the bowling, join us at the Hotsy Totsy for Tequila and Tacos after 7:30

What’s happening at Hale?

The next MissFit challenge starts May 16 – Check the details here!
Assessment week starts on Monday of next week, plan on showing up Monday-Friday and checking in!

We had so many announcements last week that we pushed back the Summer of skills, so look out for more info after assessments.

Coach “cinco” Jay

PS – Bright spot Friday! What’s good this week? Share it with us!


-Beginner Guest Day: 10am on Saturday, May 6th
-Assessments next week May 8th-13th–show up every day!
-Next week: 7:30pm classes Monday-Thursday basic barbell + metcon
-“Stacks” — Mom’s event on Sat, May 13th — mom/pancake themed workouts that day with pancakes at 9am. Kids are welcome!

Workout of the Day for 5-06-17

2015 wod 3
1 mile run
50 OHS (95/65)
100 sit ups
150 double unders
100 box jump overs

Workout of the Day for 5-07-17

For time:
500m row
30 bench press (3/4 BW)
1000m row
20 bench press (3/4 BW)
2000m row
10 bench press (3/4 BW)

Burgers, bbq’s and the beach

How did it get to be summer all the sudden?!

You went from buying umbrellas and to shopping for bbq’s and planning cookouts!

Your Instagram feed was filled with friends jumping in the snow to friends running around on the beach.

Your wardrobe went from sweatshirts and winter coats to shorts and tank tops!

What the hell!

Were you ready for that?

I wasn’t..

Have you had an extra long hibernation mode this year?

Maybe you’ve been pretty consistant, but not quite as strict as you normally would’ve been.

The nutrition slipped a little…or maybe you went on vacation for a bit and struggled to get back on track.

Life happened!

Health took a back seat, and now you’re carrying a couple extra pounds…

But you’re over that now….

Life is clearing up a bit (or you can see a light at the end of the tunnel), and the sun is out, and you’re READY for a change

You’re in the right place.

If you need a little kick start, come join us for the next MissFit Challenge –
It’s 6 weeks of training, nutrition, and accountability designed specifically to get you and keep you on track.

If you’re ALREADY a member of Hale?

if you want a kick-start, Do the challenge anyway!

For existing members, it includes:

– a full inbody scan at the beginning and end
– a baseline workout at the beginning and end,
– a nutrition course
– an online nutrition tracking site to help keep you accountable
– a whole group of accountability partners to help cheer you on.

Best of all, as a current member, you can choose to attend any classes you like!

If you decide to hop on board, I’ll be joining you for this next one (Coaches need a kick-start too!), so I look forward to kicking ass and throwing down with you!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Coach “paleo bbq” Jay

PS – Not sure? We have a guest day workout the is FREE this Saturday at 10am, come and check out a class to see exactly what you’re getting yourself into!

PPS – If you have a current membership with us, the fee to join the challenge is only $50. Reply and let us know if you want in for the next one, it starts May 16!


-Beginner Guest Day: 10am on Saturday, May 6th
-Assessments next week May 8th-13th–show up every day!
-Next week: 7:30pm classes Monday-Thursday basic barbell + metcon
-“Stacks” — Mom’s event on Sat, May 13th — mom/pancake themed workouts that day with pancakes at 9am. Kids are welcome!

Workout of the Day for 4-05-17


toes to bar
sandbag squats (80/55)


5 Rounds for Time
2 rope climbs
15 box jumps
15 KB swings