Athlete Spotlight: Natalia V.

At CrossFit Hale, we like to give a public shout out to folks we feel epitomize our core values: consistency, hard work, positive attitude, overcoming of fears or obstacles and community spirit.

We are lucky enough to have a gym full of amazing people and today we are shining a spotlight on Natalia!

Natalia started at CrossFit Hale after her mom, Regina, started working out with us. Natalia always has a smile for her fellow athletes and she has worked hard this year on reaching her goals in and out of the gym. Her progress reflects what consistency in workouts and nutrition can do for you.

Let’s get to know Natalia a little bit better!

Age: 24

Day job: 

After School Assistant

Dream job:

Researcher at Benioff Children’s Hospital

Can you give us some of your benchmark stats?

I have actually done a full rope climb! I have run a mile continuously, and I have gained upper body strength

What is your athletic/fitness background?

I have been a swimmer most of my life, since maybe about 5 years old. I was taking swimming lessons and classes for many years. I competitively swam for 2-3 years in high school and made it to the Varsity by Sophomore year. I also have done basketball and volleyball in elementary to middle school. I joined the basketball team in high school but had conflicts with the scheduling with other clubs and activities.

What’s your biggest strength in the gym? 

Not dying! But, one of my strengths is leg work. I feel that being a swimmer for so many years, I have built up strength in my thighs and calfs.

Biggest weakness?

Workout weakness would be lifting things over my head and lifting up my own body weight. My food weakness is Pupusas (a Salvadorian dish).

What’s your drink?

My drink of choice is almost always water. I will sometimes get flavored teas and lemonades. My alcohol drink of choice is rumchata.

What is your current fitness goal? 

My current fitness goal is to tone my body and get better upper body strength. After working out at Hale I was always worried about my weight number but not til recently, the last half year, I have focused on strength. I have been wanting to lift heavier and perfect my stance. I am hoping to lose 10-15 more pounds but still gain muscle.

What do you enjoy most about Hale?

The fun loving community. No one is there to judge you on how hard you are or are not working. Coaches are amazing and work with each individuals physical abilities or injuries. No one is left behind and we always encourage and push each other to do our best.

What are some improvements you have made since joining Hale?

I have lost a total of 40lbs. since the beginning of my weight loss journey. I have gained more strength and stamina over time. I have been able to run more and feel less pain in my knee over time. My asthma has dramatically improved with losing weight. Hale has also given me a since of hope to always do my best not only in the gym but also in life.

Any advice for those new to or considering Hale?

Don’t give up!! It may feel like torture and you will wonder why you are putting yourself through this pain. The results at the end will help you realize that you are doing this to better yourself. Push through that pain and don’t hold back. It will be worth it, I promise! I have wanted to give up so many times but then began to enjoy it.

Most importantly, what do you think is the greatest SPORT MOVIE of all time?

That is a tricky question. I really enjoyed “A League of Their Own,” but my all time favorite is “Water Boy.”

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