10 People, 12 Weeks: A Case Study in Fitness

Nothing you’ve achieved in life has been easy.

You’ve probably forgotten how much effort it took to earn your degree, save for your house, or raise your kids—and how scared and confused you were at the beginning.

You knew next to nothing in a strange situation and were surrounded by people who seemed to have it all figured out.

That’s how you might feel the first time you walk into a gym like CrossFit Hale.

“Everyone here is like a super-athlete! It’s hella scary.” — Steph Gaona, before her first class.

The truth? Everyone was scared and confused at one point. All the “successful” people around you started exactly where you are.

We know that’s hard to believe.

That’s why we asked 10 people just like YOU to take part in a 12-week case study to show what happens when you stick to a program long-term.

Everyday Heroes

Rodney (39) is a filmmaker who wants to take charge of his nutrition—and be fit enough to keep shooting hoops with his daughter.

Jay (42) is a CrossFit coach who used to weigh more than 300 lb. He wants to improve his diet, reduce his body fat and see what he’s capable of.

Lesly (33), mom to a 5-year-old son, wants to learn how to eat for health.

Heidi (32) is a CrossFit coach and wants to be able to ski until she’s 100. She’s here to see what happens when she gives 100%. 

Lilly (26) is a self-described emotional eater looking to recommit to fitness.

Dave (39) had no athletic background before CrossFit. He works in tech and wants to be in the best shape of his life for his 40th birthday.

Natalie (34) is a former college athlete working in HR. She wants to learn work-life balance and feel great at her wedding in September.

Ron (56) is a maintenance supervisor who wants to fight aging with fitness.

Kim (47) is a recruiter, mom, and former fitness instructor who wants to learn to fit fitness back into her life.

Jon (40) works at a brewery and is a father of three. He wants to move better, have more energy and rediscover the athlete within.

A Series You Won’t Want to Miss

Our case-study participants attend the same classes as everyone else, and we meet with them every two weeks to coach them on training, nutrition, and recovery. We give them everything they need to be successful for the long haul.

In exchange, they’ve agreed to be interviewed on video every two weeks and talk about their progress—so YOU can see how they change in real time.

Most folks are 6 to 8 weeks in and have already seen some amazing progress, both physically and mentally.

But like a reality show, things don’t always go as planned …

Every two weeks we’ll release a new set of videos so you can follow along and see what these “super-athletes” really go through.

The best part? Since they’re all still in progress, you get to cheer them on as they go!

Catch up on Week 1 and meet our participants in their first interviews on YouTube

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