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  • The 4 things successful people do at Hale

    6 May 2019 Jay

    Getting in shape is not easy.  It can be challenging physically and mentally, and forces you to face some harsh realities that many people would choose to go their whole lives without ever addressing. People that see su…

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  • Teen Titans Summer Camp 2019

    28 April 2019 Katie Norris

    Teen Titans Summer Camp, 2019 is almost here!! June 24-28, from 9am-4pm teens ages 13-18 will spend the week going in-depth in all of the CrossFit movements: power lifting, bodyweight movements, gymnastics, agility, powe…

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  • Finding a Gym on Vacation

    28 April 2019 Heidi

    This one is straight from experience and top of mind right now. I will be traveling for two weeks in Europe, most of it in places I’ve never been, and I want to keep momentum from my training the last few weeks. I …

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  • Every Day is Recovery Day!

    21 April 2019 Heidi

    Oh man, that first Hero workout this past week reminded my why I love/hate them. I felt so accomplished. And then I felt SO SORE. These longer “perform” days can mean for bigger sets or a little more volume t…

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  • CrossFit Hale Teen Titans Program

    15 April 2019 crossfithale

    We provide a safe fitness environment so youth can grow strong and confident, both physically and mentally. Ages 13-18Mon, Wed, Thu: 4:30pm – 5:30pmFri: 4:00pm – 5:00pm Our Teen Titans class teaches functiona…

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  • Your Program for Spring

    14 April 2019 Heidi

    Spring has sprung. The sun has returned and seems to be showing it’s face for more than a teaser day between storms. Yay! The change of seasons feels like it’s bringing in a wave of new things. Flowers bloomi…

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  • Train. Perform. Recover.

    7 April 2019 Heidi

    It’s Sunday. You’re looking at the workouts for the week ahead. You’re thinking about which days look fun, which days you want to avoid (go anyway!), and perhaps strategizing how you might approach each…

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  • Decision Time

    31 March 2019 Heidi

    The Hale Open was another close race this year, and it all came down to 19.5 and your LOGGING in SugarWOD. I knew your quads were sore, but what happened to your thumbs?! If you did the workout and failed to log, you sho…

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  • Beyond the Open

    24 March 2019 Heidi

    Oh what a way to wrap up the open–dang. We knew thrusters were coming. It was 100% certain, but wow. If anything, that SUPERGODZILLAFRAN was the best test of mental toughness I’ve seen in a while. With that o…

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  • Sometimes You Have to Try

    17 March 2019 Heidi

    We’re off to the Spartan Sprint today. Some of us prepped. Some didn’t. Some said “it’ll be fun either way, let’s try it!”. What we KNOW: Many of our workouts are more mentally tough (…

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