• March Madness

    1 March 2020 Heidi

    Two exciting announcements today. Mega March Metcon Madness You’ve been loving our new 30 minute “Metcon” class. It’s short, it’s sweaty, and it gets the job done. This month, we’re issuing you a challenge. H…

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  • Where to go…

    23 February 2020 Heidi

    Quick post this week. We’ve done a bit of spring cleaning early on our blog and various channels, and I want to make sure you know about all the resources available for you here at Hale. We have a TON of content t…

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  • Get Inspired, Mobilize, and Throw Down

    16 February 2020 Heidi

    We hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. We’ll keep it short and sweet today. Storytime – Cecilia When you see her lifting heavy weights or cranking out pull ups, you’d never know that Cecilia. – …

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  • Just a couple more stories

    9 February 2020 Heidi

    We’ve got a LOT of exciting stuff to share with you this week. Check our announcements below for all the details. But First, a couple more stories, because I love them. Today we have Edison and Kenny! Edison came in lo…

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  • More stories

    2 February 2020 Heidi

    Two more Hale stories for you this week. First up is Dee. She’s one of our most consistent (and best) athletes, and one of the anchors of our early morning crew. For Dee, exercise meant running. She knew it, she was go…

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  • The real story

    26 January 2020 Heidi

    You ever watch someone at the gym and think “Why do I have to work so hard when they seem to have it SO easy?” “They have natural talent that I’ll never develop” “I’ll never have their discipline” We all …

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  • Trash Cans and PR’s

    19 January 2020 Heidi

    Imagine yourself sitting at your office desk with a piece of paper crumpled into a ball, staring at the trash can. There’s nobody around (or paying attention), so you take aim and fire that paper towards the can. It fl…

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  • The Science of Showing up

    12 January 2020 Jay

    Sold my car a couple months ago to live the bicycle life. I love riding my bike, but I really should have thought through the fact that it was winter. When I left the house for Friday’s ride, it was less than 40 degree…

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  • Happy New Decade!

    5 January 2020 Heidi

    So, those last two weeks were..different, right? You travelled, ate a lot, forgot what day it was, and spent way too much time in your PJs. Ah, it was so marvelous!!!! 🙂 But it’s Monday now. Time to get back to …

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  • On the 13th day of CrossFit…

    20 December 2019 Jay

    We rest. There are no workouts today after 12 days of training in a row. Use this time to finish your shopping, walk the dog, or come join us as we volunteer at the Berkeley Food network on 9th street in Berkeley from 8:…

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