• On the Second Day of CrossFit…

    9 December 2019 Jay

    My coach gave to me… “Fight Gone Bad” This was one of Coach Rebecca’s fav workouts….it’s also one of the first workouts most people can do Rx’ed. One min of work for each station, an…

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  • On the First Day of CrossFit…

    8 December 2019 Jay

    My coach gave to me… “Cullen” Yep, your fav bespectacled coach has a new benchmark workout named after him! It’s a combination of some of his fav movements, and a great way to kick things off. For these two weeks…

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  • 12 Days of CrossFit 2019

    2 December 2019 Heidi

    In a tradition dating back 10 years, it’s almost time for the 12 days of CrossFit! What’s it all about? We challenge you to complete 12 back-to-back benchmark workouts Monday 9th of December to Friday 20th of Decembe…

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  • Thoughts from the OR

    25 November 2019 Heidi

    Had an emergency appendix removal the other day. (I’m fine, thanks for asking) It’s not a serious surgery, and you KNOW it’s not serious going into it… But your mind does a lot of funny things right before you ar…

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  • Meet Rebecca

    21 November 2019 Jay

    Have you met Coach Rebecca? You know her has a badass athlete and coach, but she still gets super nervous: Before workouts Before she started CrossFit Before this interview (it took a lot of convincing) Fortunately for u…

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  • Bigger, Stronger, Faster Quitters

    18 November 2019 Heidi

    If you’ve heard of the Navy Seals, you’ve heard of hell week. It’s the 5 day training exercise designed to separate the toughest from the wannabes. During this 5 days, the seals only get 4 hours of sleep, and are a…

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  • WTF does that mean?

    10 November 2019 Heidi

    We use a lot of acronyms when we write our workouts of the day. Hell, even Workout Of The Day is shortened to WOD If you’re new to Hale, it’s hard to keep up with it all, so here’s a simple list of some…

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  • One quick question

    3 November 2019 Heidi

    What is one thing I can do to help improve your life this week? Coach Jay PS – Seriously, it could be anything! email me at jay@crossfithale.com and your wish is my command! Announcements: New Hale Tees & Gear!…

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  • Surprise! You’re awesome!

    27 October 2019 Heidi

    Have you ever surprised yourself? Like, you were just CONVINCED you couldn’t do something… Then you tried it, and sure enough, you were able to do it! Two Halers got their first rope climbs in class the other…

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  • Baby, it’s Cold Outside

    20 October 2019 Heidi

    ​No, it’s NOT time for holiday music yet. And no, it’s not THAT cold… but the darker, colder mornings are making it a little bit harder to crawl out of bed. After hitting snooze 15,000 (actually, 4) …

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